Shop Till U Drop!!!

But do it in style…

Going feathers!

Hello finally!I was so rl busy today….Anyway, i thought i could share a couple of ideas for… evening outfits (lol !i’ve become a party animal in sl , thanks to my Greek friends we’re having parties every night!)Okie, first i wear Blaze LBDress (classic choice-never fails,trust me!) with the b&w spotted rainbowa by Callie Cline ( i want the whole collection of rainbowas-i love them).Bracelet and earrings are Ame True (Crosta del diamanti set).Shoes are Digit Darkes Mary Janes Gingham with logo (wooo!).Ready!

This is one of my most loved dresses from Casa del Shai , the furn Gully.I dont know what to say about this one, look at the front, look at the back look at the color, look at the feathers moving slightly every now and then , leaving a part of upper legs showing mmmm…. so sexy! (in a few words go and get it!my advice!)

The dress is a piece of art , u dont need much jewelry, i just put Casa Del Shai’s freebie Gold Flat Disk hoop earrings (take those freebie boxes when u go there -lovely stuff in) and Miam Miam Coco Bracelet switched to gold.Shoes are Armidi Gisaci Vidalia Pumps Metallic Glitz.

Well, that’s all for now,  dress up and have fun!


November 8, 2007 - Posted by | fashion

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