Shop Till U Drop!!!

But do it in style…

When Bettie met ICING and some other stories…..


Hi there!!!I finally managed to finish this post!it was a rather strange day today, i messed up the photo settings again and i had to do it all over again (lol).Some of my dearest friends even asked me why i was so late!To be honest, i felt good people are actually waiting for me to post (woooohoooo maybe u like it after all!).OH,BY THE WAY THANKS TO EVERYBODY who have visited till now ,and PLEASE PLEASE DO leave me a comment !Pleaseee? 🙂

Anyway, back to picks ,today i want to show u two of the Starlette fur shawls of 1800 Bettie’s store .They come in a pack of four (cheetah,snow leopard, tiger and white mink-i’m showing white mink and snow leopard here).The quality is extremely good and dadadammm…the price is extremely low!!!

I matched them with *ICING* Little Bit of Midnight dress,which  comes with a lovely grey black boa and even a cigarette filter in box ( can’t post that here , sorry,  trying to quit smoking!) and Shiny Things  Lola shoes in black.

Some other stories..  Pic1                        Pic2   

Pic 1:Yesterday evening i was shopping (oh news!) with a dear friend .We went to Savvy Avvy to see the male clothing and all of a sudden, oh my god , my avvy was in …my new Woolen Leather jacket (love it !love it ! leather speaks on it!).I matched it with the pants from the Artilleri Ferrera set which is one of my favorite  casual sets .Shoes are  Digit Darkes Maryjanes i showed u yesterday in the alternative pair without logo (view Going Feathers! post for that)….

Pic 2:Then today morning i had to open my favorite fashion blogs to be informed on releases i lost while sleeping, and everybody was showing the new Insolence Natasha boots so i had to (yeah like they forced me!) buy them and show them too.I bought them in charcoal (nice suede!).Then i run to The Closet and grabbed the new Embroidery dress in purple ,and i have to say it again , i love all outfits there , go check it out , this store is really something!

 And finally…….                                      Pic3:           

Pic3:From the Artilleri Ferrera set again,i used just the strapless top this time to match with the Peacock skirt, from the Peacock Dress which was made by my dear friend Balduin Aabye (artistic  photographer and designer ) .He now runs the Dream Studios (IM him if u wanna have a real artistic pic of you-he’s a talent!).And well, ok, i designed this skirt  in rl, i’m really proud of this (ho ho ! ) and i felt really happy when i saw my design in sl , so i thought i could share…Balduin of course did a great job and the result looks excellent, especially in moving!

Okie, i hope u liked my stories, have a nice evening and please please pleaseee … have a   lot of funnnnnnn!!!


November 9, 2007 - Posted by | fashion, first presentation, mix n match, vintage

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  1. Chris,Chris,Chris…you should absolutely gimme the tour around the CLOSET coz i definately loooooved your new embroidery purple dress!
    And of course what can somenone say about your designing skills??? This Peacock skirt could really match my tiny winny romantic aspect!!! You go girl!!!
    Pilar ;)))

    Comment by pilarmenges | November 10, 2007 | Reply

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