Shop Till U Drop!!!

But do it in style…

Sunday destinations in excellent freebie clothing……..

 Hi there!I hope u all had  a cool and relaxing Sunday.I want to make a couple of proposals for destinations for Sunday evening  …….                                                      

First one is the Inspire Space Park in Shinda.Do u need relax in an extra chill space environment?that’s ur place!Someone made u angry?u need a rest?u wanna invite someone to a special place to lounge together?well,i usually go there alone  and fly sleeping through galaxies…am i weird?.Nope!Go there and find out urselves, u’re gonna go again and again- trust me!


Then, it’s something more down to earth but really really up to the clowds.Parthenon in Greece Official Sim .Well, u could say she likes this one cause it’s her country and her home.But please do come and force ur environment setings to midnight, even if it isnt.And then look up and tell me if i’m wrong…..Monuments can be surprisingly  romantic  at night………..

(In Space park i was flying wearing the  Tuli Ana Earth outfit (Tuli update group gift)-In Greece official Parthenon i wear the Liquid Velvet Studios Snow Angel Gown (LVS  Group Gift).My lucky day….)

See u tomorrow…..Have funnnnnnnn!!!!!!:)


November 18, 2007 - Posted by | destinations, fashion

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  1. axxxxxxxxxxxx marh sourmpouitsa giati den me afhses na to dw eeee???
    einai yperoxo kai esy akoma pio yperoxh!!!

    Comment by afroditemystakidou | November 18, 2007 | Reply

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