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Mercy me!Am i tagged again?

Alright Milla we both know u tagged me back 4 days ago, and i’ve been “playing  the duck”(hohoho!)I’m gonna get u girl, i promise!Well, i wont tag anyone this time ,so the curse is over my head…brrrrrrr!

The rules are bla bla bla bla (see previous mercy me! post) and the 8 new things are:

1.i’m left-handed,so absolutely left-handed (no amphidextrous, no anything) …right hand is here only for moving the pc mouse and…ironing (strange thing)

2.i drive a lot, for 15 years now, but  god help who’s on my way…

3.when i drive ,its like i’m transforming from a kind girl to a muscular cab driver ready to beat everybody to death….or almost…

4.I’m usually kind with everybody but i cant stand people who have no  respect for the others..It shows that in depth they do not have self respect and i hate that…ok, a bit hard but that’s how it is….

5.My rl face is so common my friends have found about a hundred girls looking exactly like me…and sometimes its a mess, they go and grab them, hug them and then realise its another version of the common face girl….

6.I’ve never done any sports in my whole life, except in school where there was no option,fitness is for people who live a normal life, i live 2 and they’re both boheme….

7.I have no hubby,kids,pets ,the only thing that breathes in my flat is me and of course my plants (to which by the way,i talk a lot…)

8.i’ve done so much reading in my  life so far, i can’t even get close to a book right now…That’s probably another break season i use to have, but i hope it lasts long…,i’m done (if i could only find who started this!)… 🙂


December 8, 2007 - Posted by | games

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