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1000+1 nights -episode 1001

 palace_005.bmppalace_004.bmp    palace_003.bmp

Ohhh i’m bad..i’m truly truly bad….I visited one of the most amazing sims in the whole grid and i broke the holy silence with my camera flash sounds…i’m so bad i even played my model poses in front of the temple entrance…..but, am i happy?yeahhh…..and i hope i can share it with u here, cause that was a real adventure…Imagine there were warriors near me planning their movements in battle!.Am i kidding?nooo …I ‘ve been in 1000+1 nights today (or tonight?).I didnt even know it exists since yesterday!Thanks Afro and Dimi!I’m amazed…it’s a dream place…and though i’m not at all into roleplay and especially when it referrs to battles, i wanna visit again and again and again….i’m thrilled!!!

Okie, now!this is a fashion blog!Look what this bad girl is wearing in front of the temple entrance!Whole outfit is Bianca F. made by separates she released earlier today.Check the metal leggings in fuchsia, with their matching metal fuchsia bra (both available in other metal colors too!) and the pvc jacket in black (comes also in 3 other colors) with this lovely silver gold belt (3 sizes and fitting instuctions included-no worries,ladies).Leggings are put in the Big Boots (also Bianca F.).Hair is ETD Jasmine in ebony.

Bra?Silver?Gold?Jasmine?Hmmm, i could certainly have a role in 1000+1 nights, but it sure wouldn’t be  of a warrior…… (hihihihi)….

Now, enjoy 2 views of the palace….and dream….and absolutely visit but shhh…dont talk in chat, is strictly forbidden,just admire the beauty…or, if u are willing u can be a part of it by playing a role….but since i’m going back there for next episodes, if u ever see me,please dont kill me…. 🙂



December 13, 2007 - Posted by | adventure, destinations, fashion

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