Shop Till U Drop!!!

But do it in style…

Shopping with the rich girl…

 I ‘m exhausted…i was out all day long shopping with this spoiled rotten rich girl…First she dragged me to the shopping avenue of Hotel Swan at George… richgirl_002.bmp     She wanted to take the Champagne bag (with the champagne included of course)…”Aww, u didn’t know?This is “69”  ‘s store gift .!but available only here for Hotel Swan!should we go to “69” main store too?i’ve seen some incredible boots there i’d like to..”.I said no,maybe another time ,i’m busy….”ohh,then we’ll go to Bijou! see my outfit?i got it from there, it’s called Grandene and it’s black fox,she has amazing things and she’s called Jewell, is she your cousin or something?” I said no,she’s not my cousin,there may be thousands of Jewell in SL, is such a common name…So, we went to bijou and i must admit it was really nice,my not cousin Jewell has done a pretty amazing job…i even bought some stuff myself…After leaving bijou,she insisted on checking Via Montenapoleone .We realised that some stores are already opened there but since she coudnt carry more boxes she said “alright…..i’ll bring you here for shopping next time..but where is my driver?HE  should be carrying all this stuff!Why do i pay him anyway?tdl7bllbl8cn3!!!     !!! (bad language censored)..


…anyway,after Napoleone she insisted that i’d go home with her to see what she got from Bijou..I thought “ok,at least there i can finally lay on a couch and have a glass of champagne,i’m sooo exhausted..”

richgirl_003.bmprichgirl_004.bmp“Aww,check this outfit from bijou Chrisy, it’s called Pantherlady and it includes these 2 different dresses and this gorgeous fur coat!i love that designer,i’m definitely going back there!!!!Cheers!”.

I said “yeahhh,she rocks!after all she’s my cousin….Cheers!”

*Hair is Armidi Scarlett in midnight II,shoes are Storm Schmooz Desir de Noir,all outfits are Bijou,tights are from personal collection.



December 20, 2007 - Posted by | destinations, fashion

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