Shop Till U Drop!!!

But do it in style…

Red red wine!!!

christmas night!.bmpchristmasnight2.bmpRed red wineee!!!Lalalaaa!I’m back (and yes i ate a lot and drank a glass of red wine,or 2,hmm..whatever)…and i realised i hadn’t got my daily gifts yet, so… ~Ivalde~ for the last gift of the advent calender! and what a great surprise!!!Not only Nef sent her group the best wishes and announced that she’ll probably be doing this every holiday season since she had fun too putting the boxes in store every morning for us,but she also gave us the best gift at Christmas day!Santina (2 length skirts) gown shown here in pic 1,with Santina amazing skin (this deep red color of the dress and the juicy red lips of this skin are the perfect match for my….hmm…red wine mood right now!lol!

*I wanna share something relative here.I admire talented creators and get excited from their work.But what is always most important for me,is their personality…Most of all i admire generous and open hearted people.And Neferia Abel from ~Ivalde~ is one of them.Not because she offers us gifts.But because she’s  generous in feelings.Because she doesn’t use people and she cares about others.So ,i really admire this lady,first for being a nice and kind  person and then for being a real talented designer (strictly with this order).Nef,i wish you and Brumm the best!*

And back to fashion!Santina is an excellent choice for Christmas night (both skin and dress) but i always like to show another option.So, if u want to go for something more…silver, u can wear the Icegown(pic2) from SYD (SYD’s free Christmas gift to everybody).For both Santina and Icegown i wear ETD Peyton hair in ebony.I also used Second Mirage Elise black pearl set for Santina (btw their advent calender in jewelry was great too-these 25 days i got the jewelry of my slife!).With Icegown i wear Muse Silver belts with red Satin ribbon choker from the lovely free Holiday gift for everybody (inside the Muse store in a box on a table).

I hope u have the sweetest Christmas night!

Love,Chrisy 🙂


December 25, 2007 - Posted by | fashion, vintage

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