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BBL Awards…

the wall.bmpbestbuttlooks.bmp
I’ve been to LVS&Co earlier today to try the demo of the new sculpted wall (to go directly to the demo wall press here).As the update notecard says it’s great for outside areas of clubs or shopping malls…or anywhere u would like to hang out with some friends as it includes 11 different poses,couple and single.A particular sitting pose reminded me of how….  good is the  artilleri Ferrera set pants for a girl’s butt.

So, i instantly invented my BBL awards (Best Butt Looks) and of course  the BBL Award of the year 2007 (at least in casual pants category) goes to…. Ferrera pants(this is for you Antonia!come and take it !applause from the crowd!!!!)

*btw,if any friend blogger is interested about having a serious BBL Awards Ceremony(or other way,is crazy like me or worse) , please go ahead, IM me!!!! 🙂


December 27, 2007 - Posted by | fashion

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