Shop Till U Drop!!!

But do it in style…

And now the new year wish!

Happy new year to the east part of this globe,which is already in 2008!!!!I’m somewhere in the middle (…i think-lol) and the year will change here in about four hours….I wish the best for everybody in this cute little planet we live in…

However, i’d like to make a special wish for these people among us who live alone….or feel lonely this very special day….

To all of you who don’t have someone to celebrate with today,to all of you who feel lonely….ok.i know i am “the nobody” from “the nowhere” but….please,don’t lose your faith in whatever you believe…and please don’t lose your faith in yourselves…a brighter day will come,it’s on its way,believe it…

..and  just remember, in this cute little planet..we ALL LIVE TOGETHER…..


Chrisy 🙂


December 31, 2007 Posted by | editorial | 1 Comment

Just a wish…

Something made me feel really sad today…a very talented designer and friend of mine discovered that some of her work was stolen (i will no way expose people with names or anything-this isn’t my role to do here….)

Anyway this was kind of a shock for Chrisy -leaving in the happy fancy world of just buying and showing fashion….And though i should have known this happens so often in sl as in the real world,maybe i’m so stupidly sensitive i didn’t want to believe it.

You see my strongest belief is people and what they are capable of doing,always in the good way….I dont know,maybe i live on clouds but how this world would be if there werent a bunch of fool romantics like myself left here?

For the next year,i wish original creativity shines and real talented people surprise us all in the most pleasant way,and this wish refers to both of my worlds and to all the fields…


Chrisy 🙂

December 31, 2007 Posted by | editorial | 1 Comment