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Real Life Designers in SL

I’m still shocked and impressed at the same time!It all started on Sunday,30th of December with the Second Style Fashion Network post about Fashion Reporters (a real life fashion blog ) following sl fashion.I checked the 2 links and read the articles.1st post link (RL & SL Fashion-will they ever meet?).2nd post link(SL Fashion-Trendsetting for real life fashion?Part one).I also read the first post’s comments and that lead to Gwyneth Lewelyn ‘s blog and a post of the 23rd of the Dec. Real Life Fashion for Second Life avatars.Then on Monday,31,Fashion Reporters posted SL Fashion-Trendesetting for real life fashion?Part two.

IF you follow the links you will discover yourselves some rl designers that recently (or not so recently) joined sl.And why sometimes in the past this was a total failure.You will also realise that times are changing….and we’ll be probably seeing amazing things in our sl in the future, from people who live in the real fashion world…or…has  this already began ???


Chrisy 🙂


January 3, 2008 - Posted by | fashion

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