Shop Till U Drop!!!

But do it in style…

Volume up!

     * In real fashion the volume balance in outfits can be turned to  volume up(-per part)-volume down easily…In sl,most of the times the volume’s down cause…it’s more easy to do so…But,Chloris Hathor of G.L.A.M. gives us the easiest way to play with … volume up!Without worrying which item is modify and spending time in appearance editing,with her “magic puffy shirt”,just like that!….Alright,i named it this way,actually it’s an optional shirt layer from her Sparkling Loose Halter neck top  (which you can see below in silver)…


So,since this is a shirt layer,you can start experimenting by using your favorites shirts, sweaters and tops in jacket layer.That’s what i did,and here’s what i got…

The Armidi Gisaci Cashmere Sweater (wooo…never looked better with tight pants !)


The artilleri Oslo sweater in light blue and the ❤ Cupcakes  Long Sequin Top

(volume up-volume nowhere-volume up-volume nowhere… mmmm… i choose volume up!)

  magisshirtslide1.gif  magicshirtslide2.gif

Since these pants are tight it looks way more balanced to put my favorite tops & sweaters with the magic shirt worn under.I just wish Chloris makes an undershirt layer of this too,cause i want to try more with shirt layer items!That was only a small sample…who knows what you can do with your closet content and this…

*Hair is Armidi Scarlett in midnight 2

*Pants are artilleri nina black

*Shoes are Storm Schmooz Footwear Laques in black

Love you,

Chrisy 🙂


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