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Mankind Tracer-The 20 sim concert!!!


WOOOO!!!!!!I give u the original article for the 20 sim concert this evening!!!!All info is there!And below this,slurl to participate!!!

By Roxtar Kidd

January 2, 2008

On Sunday, January 6, 2008 at 2PM SLT, and in an incredible undertaking, Mankind Tracer, Second Life’s Premiere Rock Performer, is planning the largest ever FREE Second Life concert event. He will be streaming his show LIVE to an incredible 20 SIMS all around the SL Grid. The concert will start at the aptly named four sim venue, The Mankind Tracer Amphitheater, located at Haven’s Paradise where Mankind hangs his hat, playing a few songs at each venue and will end at The Cape, sim of his close friend Kaiya Manbi.

Back in June of 2007, he launched his Mankind Tracer New Artist Program when he performed live to 12 different venues and helped launch the careers of several new acts still performing in SL. This event will top that by at least 8 venues, possibly more.

Mankind Tracer is known for his incredible live rock shows playing everything from classic Pink Floyd and Clapton to newer music like Plain White Tees and Creed, staying current on new songs and always taking requests from his Standing Room only audiences. The Friends of Mankind Group, now at almost 800 members, recently joined forces and donated an amazing $L170,000 to UNICEF at First Meta’s concert, sponsored for them. Mankind’s events are always packed and many a venue has felt the power of his attendance numbers, giving him the recent name of Mankind Simcrasher (or Simkiller), both of which he certainly lives up to.

The 20 Sim Concert is sure to make SL history as an event of this size has never been attempted before. Yes another first by Mankind Tracer. This guy always seems to find ways to outdo himself!

The concert will consist of Mankind’s incredible original music blended with the many, MANY covers he performs including a long Pink Floyd set for his numerous fans who also love Floyd.

So… what can we hope for next? Only time will tell!

Confirmed Venues so far:
Haven’s Paradise four sim Mankind Tracer Amphitheater, The Cape, The Wild Coast, The Bay, The Vibe HQ, First Meta, Solana Beach, The Crown and Pearl, Sound Factory, The Greek Corner Club, Moonshadow, Valhalla’s Beach Club, Portucalis, MJ’s Blues & Dance Club, Groningen Centrum, Booville, The Lost Frontier, Digital Nirvana, Rumble in Brighton, The Crazy Diamond! ”


Peace,Love and Belief!

Chrisy 🙂


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