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But do it in style…

Max&co almost meets ETD…

A couple of days ago,we were discussing about rl fashion meeting sl fashion etc….I like very much taking ideas from rl fashion and using them on my avatar.While browsing i found these amazing rainboots on max&co site ( ),fell in love with them and want them in both lives!!! The best i could do in sl was purchasing the ETD rainboots in pink,which are also lovely!But i really miss the happy message on side…which would make them an absolute trend!…

And since i’m blessed to be surrounded by a lot of friends who design shoes (and amazing ones),i’m dropping this as a challenge…

*Warning:Not as a challenge to copy,but as a challenge to inspire your creativity and make your shoes unique and trendy!

etdrainboots_001.jpg  ETD Rainboots in Pink
 maxco-rainboots.jpg Max &co rainboots in pink (from the autumn-winter collection)

So….i’m looking forward to see some new rainboots!!!!Who knows?Maybe even better then max&co’s idea…


Chrisy 🙂


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