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Tropical Splendor & Paul Cezanne


Hi!I missed u!The truth is i’m taking some  “slow motion” time on blogging these days,but i couldn’t resist showing you these two lovely dresses that Thera Thaurog was kind enough to offer me a few days ago…I told you about her store and a bit about her work in a previous post ,but there are news…First,the store in Mantova is renovated and lovely…Then i learned a few things about how Thera uses the textures of the paintings  in  prim skirts,made with such  details that their movement almost touches real…Also,2 things i haven’t paid attention before,but are critical to this excellent quality.All the dresses have 2 prim skirt layers and most of them come with a “winter”jacket layer and a “summer” shirt layer ,which make 2 completely different dresses in one…

Thera also shared some plans of improving her whole beginning collection with the  prim skirt system she uses now,so…be in touch ,something really  good is going on here!

*All credits:

Lady Thera’s-Tropical splendor dress in summer version (shirt layer is almost touching real bodypaint art)

Lady Thera’s-Paul Cezanne dress in summer version (oh,dont forget to hang your new art pieces on sl home,i’m not kidding,paintings are included).

Armidi-Angel hair in true black

Saki Galliazzo -Anette pumps in saffran

Storm Schmooz Footwear-Opinelle shoes in red earth


Chrisy 🙂


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