Shop Till U Drop!!!

But do it in style…



If anyone wonders about the…. total black look,well,it couldn’t be other way….This is Sicilia!…Women wear black!!!At least i didn’t wear a black veil which i was ready to do…thank god  the  traffic was high and i thought of not scaring people away….

People use to go back again and again and again to the places that look familiar  to their own culture….but still!Nuova Sicilia 1 and Nuova Sicilia 2 are 2 of the cutest representations of a real region on the grid and u must absolutely take the trip!

I made just a slide for you to get the idea…but i had a lot of fun visiting the 2 sims of Nuova Sicilia and walking around…For dedicated shoppers(myself included) you cannot imagine the hidden treasures among the little shops….I even bought furniture for the house!(i won’t tell u more!go find out urselves!)

For lovers of beautiful destinations,this is just your place!…ohh,i looved this trip!

Ok,in case someone of my beloved readers is interested,i’ll also give credits of the…totally black sicilian outfit(and no,i’m not in mafia-i’ve just seen many italian movies in my life…)

*All credits:

Armidi-Future Pony hair in TRUE BLACK

S.Y.D.-Jersey girl dress IN BLACK (only top and scarf worn here)

Armidi-Metalic tights IN BLACK

Insolence-Charlotte Low boots IN …VIOLET?????(aaalright,i cheated!u got me!)


Chrisy 🙂



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