Shop Till U Drop!!!

But do it in style…


 They’re out!Newly born,double colored and looking great!Shiny Things Marygeos (no not janes,geos! ).So you got excited,bought  them, and now?How do u match them?These are my choices for the green and pink ones,first is “now”,well wintertime,second is for when the sun shines again,third is all weather classic choice!

postmarygeos1*Now:Marygeos  spring green matched with:

Devilish Cupcakes-Claire sweater greenbean,Dutch Touch – Short jeans and Shiny Things -Knee socks in celery.

postmarygeos2*When the sun shines again:Take off woolen socks and sweater,keep jean shorts and wear<3 Cupcakes-Pink Ruffle top to match with Marygeos pink

postmarygeoslbd *All time,all weather:Pick up your most girly style lbd (this one is ND gathered flexidress with a lovely bow) and wear your green or  pink or any color Marygeos with it!they match!

*Tip:Add a simple silver bracelet for these looks, or change it with a simple necklace for the 3rd one.


Chrisy 🙂


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