Shop Till U Drop!!!

But do it in style…

What to do with…CRAP!

What to do with CRAP!

So,let’s say there’s some serious ….[CRAP] in your closet.You’re wondering what to do with it,or which items would match it.

For my idea of [CRAP] styling and matching, and all credits,  read more below the cut…


So, let’s start.You are naked!Put on Armidi metallic pants in black as un underwear layer.This is a base.Then [CRAP] white gauchos and [CRAP] Big knit,big collar in red.Lovely!You have one of the most beloved and chic tricolore themes on you.Red,white,black.

*Attention!Any other color except these 3 and black-white product colors is forbidden here.That is u’re still free to use grey.


So, now we’re into accesorizing.[CRAP] your head also with bucket charcoal hat with black band.Under the hat AVEDA IN ETD short bomb hair in black.Looks great.Fuel tainted boots with charcoal legwarmers match the hat perfect.Wear them in long legwarmer version and  color your pedicure red…

You would be ready by now if this whole look didn’t need a touch of mystery.A strong touch.So, to complete Tete a pied short leather gloves in black and excellent Tesla newly born Enchant white glasses.

You’re more than ready.You can go either shopping or spying in this outfit…or.. spying shopping..whatever suits you!

See u all later


Chrisy 🙂


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