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A bandit in Versailles

chess in versailles

I was in Versailles today!First i tried some Windlight but it is more than certain  by now.It hates me!Then i met some duchesses and lords and his Majesty and a kid (princess?) and offered to take a shot of a duchess in a great costume.Poor woman  probably got afraid of me,because that is how i showed up in Versailles,me shameless person not respecting anything…(For those who don’t know, Chateau de Versailles is a roleplay sim and preferable appearance is a 1700 or 1800 costume).

Who won?black or whites?what i wear,who i am,do i love you?answers after the cut….

chess in versailles2

Dressed like a modern bandit in Versailles ,leaves not many options to duchesses,ladies of honour or his Majesty himself to be very friendly…..left alone in the gardens i started playing the chess …..!First with black guys then with white…hhaaha!Sure thing is i won!

No,seriously this giant chess waits for you there and there’s even a tableau with high score players so if u’re into the game,take a friend and go play!

Place:Chateau de Versailles

*Credits :

Baiastice-Cap clock black

Armidi Gisaci-Classic Zion vest black (menswear)

Bianca F-Pants Stasche oro

Second Mirage-Tory triple gold necklace

Maitreya-Slinky stilettos gold

ETD-Vivian hair in ebony

LAP-Bad bish poses

Love you all,

Chrisy 🙂


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