Shop Till U Drop!!!

But do it in style…

Alice today….


Ha!Leezu did that thing again!You know…that “catch me if you can ”   thing…?    ” and when you will be expecting for me to release another of my great gowns…i’ll give you a modern Alice in Wonderland instead!…or in SL…whatever…”.

So,what did she do?She did Vaugn!A collection for Alice of today with separates and many many possible combinations.

More below the cut….


So what is Vaugn?Basically a dress.Available in many colors.I wear beige .Then for each color of a dress,there is an “ad on” 1 skirt and an “ad on” 2 skirt,being sold as separates.I wear adon 2 here,is more puffy (do i say this right?lol-ok).Then as you can see in the first shot i also wear a beige little cap with the cutest little ribbon-separate too.Finally,besides the vaugn collection you can find the Anna stockings fatpack with 14 different designs.I wear no 10.With all the items i mentioned above,i can’t really count all the combinations that can be done…considering the fact you don’t have to stay in single color like me.You might go for double or triple!

One thing is for sure…Leezu never stops surprising us…and i can count that or better count on that!

Leezu Baxter– Vaugn dress,adon 2 skirt , scarf and Anna stockings no 10.

ND-Impulse hair black pearl

CS-Vogue skin champagne muted brown

Shiny Things-Old lace up boots


Alice (…ops sorry!)


Chrisy 🙂 


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