Shop Till U Drop!!!

But do it in style…

Streetwear style

streetwear 1

Today,thanks to mela’s grid expectations, i went to La Reina  and Juicy to buy myself the cutest eybrow jewels for free !While trying them on, Jessica Mcginnis arrived,apparently to grab hers…Who is Jessica Mcginnis?Just a girl who was shopping at the same place with me,same time.What really caught my eye,was that Jessica had on her a number of freebies i recognized easily,matched in a stylish streetwear way…

…which is exactly my point!Dressing up is a matter of personal style and not of linden dollars….

A closer look to Jessica’s outfit and credits after the cut…


Jessica’s succesful streetwear mix has 2 main points:

1)Stay “quiet”.In colors,makeups etc. Silence is wisdom.Not only in words but also in dressing up…

2)What really gives you the “voice” you need is well matched accessories….

So, what does this girl wear?

A Blowpop skin with pale lips (don’t really know the name,i’m sorry)

Philotic Energy– Melantha hair

Soulfire -grape sweater dress (free)

Pixeldolls -Corset belt Knit jacket (group gift)

Persona -highwaist pants (free)

Talisman Designs-Legwarmers (free but probably not available anymore-btw check the freebie walls of the new Talisman store-lot of stuff there…hehe)

Tesla -Maryjanes (free)

DB Designs-Black leather scoop bag/no bling (group gift)


Chrisy 🙂


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