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Why you judge when you don’t know?

It’s raining bad comments for Second Life and its residents….and i’m writing this being not only sad but also dissapointed.The title of the link on sweetsecondlife that caught my eye yesterday while browsing was  “Lancia to Launch car in Second Life,before First Life”. Working for a Commercial Park in Second Life where many real life companies promote their products , i got interested on reading the article.Bad decision….

Ok,Lancia is doing a promotion of her new car in SL.Good so far.And other car industries did this in the past.Ok,no big news.

The nasty part is the comments of the readers of (a site about cars) where this was posted (link directly to the article above or here).Some  are showing complete ignorance about sl (which is more than acceptable) and some are  simply mean!Which is what i really don’t get!

If you have less than 5 min of free time and read all the comments,you will understand what i’m talking about.

*Some of the people commenting on this are so passionate about all us sl residents getting a real life….How strange!I have one!Am i a freak?And may i guess…. you have a real life too?So, what are you doing here?Oh,we’re also all  so poor here in SL ,nobody  can’t afford a Lancia!And yes!Sex is the only thing we’re interested about!Oh my,all we do here is walk and fly?Did you know that?I no longer wonder why i’m so tired every night,i fly and fly and walk and fly…..

I hate this bad criticism, coming from people  being in complete ignorance of what almost 2 million people from all over the world share in this community (considering the 60 last days logins on login page-please correct me for summary of residents-i’m ignorant myself on this).If i have to speak for myself and only,and in case someone who doesn’t know what Second Life is about reads this,it has given me the opportunity to expand my creativity in so many ways you …will never understand!Not to mention i have made friends here that i never dreamed of having.So many great  people creating and sharing and working together!

And ….please remind me again-what’s the meaning of being just mean anyway?  A company is showing a car in a game (as you call it-i have a different opinion,it is not a game for me).And let’s say you don’t know anything about this game.Would it be more natural to just ask “what is this?” than judge the people who use it?whatever purpose?I still don’t get it.

Oh,you know i could also go further and speak about people who don’t even have the ability to walk in real life and Second life (and not only Second life) has given them the chance and the joy of communication and creation !But this would make you feel guilty maybe?So, i’d better not do it?You see,i don’t get mean just to be mean,cause i see nothing fair to this!And for noone…

*Forgive my poor english once more…and consider this as my official participation to drama posting-promise to not do it often-lol


Chrisy 🙂


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  1. See people like that just bug the hell out of me. Petty, small minded and ignorant. They will continue through life living in their pigeon hole and judging anything they don’t understand. They obviously have no clue. I wonder why everyone who doesn’t spend time in SL thinks that those of us who do are total losers with out jobs who tool around in beat up old cars and live off fast food while still living at home.

    Comment by Mace | January 29, 2008 | Reply

  2. Well you know the best thing is to just realize that some people are judgemental, opinionated and want to justify their online addictions (they are obviously on the internet themselves) by making sure others are “worse” than they are. There will always be people who got something to say, whether its nice, mean, makes sense or is utter crap. Personally if they are online, making comments to posts, whether they play SL or not, they certainly aren’t being productive with their first life; hypocrites!


    Comment by Summerz | January 29, 2008 | Reply

  3. same old same old. commercial companies, journalists that have not taken the time to actually figure out what sl is really about. about creativity, wonder and the future. as long as log in numbers are still going up I dont worry.

    Comment by vi | January 29, 2008 | Reply

  4. and btw, you’re absolutely right, no game at all. they will come around, eventually. they have to…development and the future will go faster than they are. we just know something, they don’t know…yet.

    Comment by vi | January 29, 2008 | Reply

  5. Exactly my point Maze!I can’t stand narrow minded people,that’s why i got angry in the first place!If we don’t know something we;d better care first to learn,then to judge!
    Summerz,you’ve gone deeper than me on this and thank you!I forgot that some people walk around with the attitude “i judge you,that means i’m superior”.
    Vi, i hope so…I’m not here to support Second Life or whatever it represents for each one of its residents,but i also believe it’s a new way of doing things and it’s approving it every single long as i believe that,i will be here.So simple!

    Comment by Chrisy Jewell | January 29, 2008 | Reply

  6. Thanks for letting us know, Chrisy. This made me angry too. I posted the following on the website:

    1. SL is not a game.
    2. I am a white collar worker and live in my own home.
    3. First life businesses that fail in Second Life often fail because they underestimate the market and offer products that lack quality, imagination and/or effective marketing. Quality standards are fairly high among Second Life consumers.
    4. Many of us in Second Life are opening up new opportunities in areas such as research, education, the arts and social policy. Call us early adopters or cultural creatives or pioneers. We are right up there with Harvard University, IBM, NOAA, and The MacArthur Foundation in seeing the future in virtual worlds such as Second Life.
    5. My work in Second Life has led to productive partnerships for my employer in first life.
    6. Many companies (IBM, being a prime example) have learned that they can save money by having their employees meet and collaborate on projects in Second Life rather than flying them all over the world for such meetings. It is also cheaper to prototype here than in first life.
    7. One of the biggest drawbacks to using Second Life is the fairly steep learning curve it requires. You need the right hardware, a good internet connection and the willingness to spend time learning how to navigate the world. Intelligence helps.
    8. As with all relatively new technologies, Second Life still has bugs – Linden Labs is working on the physics. Model T? What if those who were around during the early days of the automobile had thumbed their noses because of its drawbacks instead of embracing the wonder of the new machine and the possibilities inherent in the invention (aside from environmental issues, of course)? Oh, yes. Some folks did discount the horseless carriage . . . and continued driving the horse and buggy.
    9. I have made amazing friends in Second Life – friends from all over the world – some of whom I now count among my most precious first life friends. And that trumps all the rest!

    Comment by brontealcott | January 29, 2008 | Reply

  7. Thank you Bronte!And it’s true-above all is no9!Real friends! 🙂

    Comment by Chrisy Jewell | January 29, 2008 | Reply

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