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Hi!This is Chrisy live from the grid!

1)While news of the day is Fashion Consolidated group birthday and so many designers offering the group members gifts (thank you all so much! and happy birthday Fashcon!),others released already or preparing to release new hot stuff!

2)Storm Schmooz,after  Kamikaze heels which are already for sale (see my previous post),puts a teaser of his next  shoe in his new store in G.L.A.M..It’s a great b&w striped sandal…spring’s on the way,ladies!Shoe is called Mimmi and i got for you the pic to see….after torturing him (hehe)..untitled.jpg

Here ya go!Mr Schmooz, informed me that Mimmie will come in other colors too…all i can say is i’m waiting for these cuties!!!! 

3)Bianca F. did another huge release today:2 tweed suits with optional skirt,one in grey and one in red tweed,i bought the red and hope i can take some nice pics  to show you tomorrow!She also released….

…bathing suits (dadamm!) with an almost transparent tunic (lovely!) and the “BF limited edition ” line of t-shirts ,which come in three  2 different shirt packs and in  low prices .Now i’m just trying to convince her to do some crazy shots together wearing all these new goodies…only problem her avie’s too tall and i’ll be looking like a smurf..hehe..

4)There was an interesting hunt going on  at Digit Darkes yesterday ,but it was too croudy when i got there and  i was too laggy to even try finding the prizes.So i just grabbed an old dress named Kasbah which seemed to me the best thing to wear and visit 1001 nights again…

kasba Here it is!Kashba in rain…i’m suggesting this as a roleplay outfit  for the “nighters” there….

*It felt more wise not to do an episode of 1001 nights this time though,cause it was too crowdy!I just took the pic and tped back home quickly..

That was all for now!See you later!


Chrisy 🙂


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  1. I wanna know about the hair!

    Comment by annyka | January 31, 2008 | Reply

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