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Some news..and a secret!


Hi!Me in that costume again-hehe.Today i won’t show you an outfit for a change (you get a costume instead!).I just wanna share some news and..a secret.

First some fashion news of the day.

*In Addictive,Digit Darkes is moving from NY to Florida and she releases a skin pack with 4 skin tones and 2 different make ups for each,for the unbelievably low price of 400 Linden!I think this is only for today so you better hurry up!These skins are good!

*In Addictive again,Bianca F. releases shapes for models,professional makeup and mooore lashes!you know, the runway ones (feathers etc.)woo!

*Content creators are getting very worried cause of thieves .There is an open issue on jira for content stealing,link is here.

Now some  news from me:

Today i’ve been reading this article of Second Life Reuters (link to read here) .I’t s about a poll that showed adults in virtual worlds prefer to have an avatar similar to themselves and are not much into roleplaying or being something ..not human.Well,  it’s true for me ,i’m an adult and i have a Second Life avatar which i tried to make look alike me.But, and here comes my little secret,sometimes lately i like to be ….Ariel…hehe…A few days ago, i discovered Secrets of Atlantis  (a mermaids place).Secrets of Atlantis is an underwater mermaid tale…There i met a nice mermaid who gave me an address for mermaid costumes and aos (here you are-Sirens).I went there and bought my mermaid outfit, is called Mer Betta Atargatis Signature Blue Mermaid ensemble ( i give you the address of  Mer Betta store here -main store).I also bought a mermaid ao from Sirens to swim and move properly.

If this is shocking,i’m an adult i swear (ask my mama! ) and mentally healthy  (doctor said to mama -latest diagnosis).I just like to be a half-fish once in a while…

Now,seriously,we have to keep the child inside us alive…whatever way each one of us can find….If you visit Sirens you’ll find all the landmarks of mermaid places and if you’re afraid to become a mermaid for a while,just swim around with your human avie.You will be amazed!


Chrisy 🙂


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  1. Thanks Chrisy for this post.
    as you know, I went to Secrets of Atlantis. Mermaids have a wonderful physical condition, I bet. But after much thinking, I figured something out – which wasn’t so clear before to me. I want to be ME in SL, as much as I can 🙂 Only then, I can be a happy mermaid 🙂

    Comment by corinacarlberg | February 4, 2008 | Reply

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