Shop Till U Drop!!!

But do it in style…

In Mikonos with Mimmi


Aaaahh…new incredible shoozies make me dream of summer in greek islands!!!They also brought me luck!New Windlight update fixed bugs for ATI graphics users,woohoo!So , i couldn’t wait.I put them on with my swim suit and hat and there ya go…

I often think that going back again and again to the same places can be easily misunderstood.You might easily wonder why i seem to be obsessed with Storm Schmooz shoes and Bianca F. clothes.The answer is really simple.I love their stuff!Can’t wait till they release something new so i can add it to my little treasures collection.I also do that often with other creators i admire a lot.Ok, when i love something i love it with passion!


So, as you assumed i’m wearing a Bianca F. swim suit,hat and tunic here.Outfit it’s called Mikonos.And it is.In all ways.What was really exciting for me,was matching Mikonos with Storm Schmooz new Mimmi sandals in orange-wood.I looove them together!What can i really say about these sandals ?Look at the logo backside and the tiny orange triangle where the stripe ends…No more words!

Only bad thing is it’s still not time for swimming…..But!While i wait for summer to come i can still wear my Mimmis like this…


…for a walk on  Super Paradise beach!This Mimmi is b&w with black heels and the G.L.A.M. trenchcoat with large sleeves and black tights gives me a feeling of chinese & japanese elegance.

*All credits :

Storm Schmooz -Mimmi orange wood and Mimmi full black

BF – Mikonos (swim suit,tunic and hat)

G.L.A.M. – Luxe -Stressed trenchcoat

The abyss -Secret hair full moon

Poses by [LAP]


Chrisy 🙂


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