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What am i doing?Nice question!I have my eyes stuck on my newly born Saintpaulia Rutilus waiting  for it to grow up in its pot…I just watered the plant and ops!it’s beginning…How fascinating can it be to have your own plant to take care in SL?You can have a taste on a youtube video here ….

See?Plantpets grow up this way but each one of them has its own needs…And they’re all different.My Saintpaulia for example it’s a beautifull plant with deep red flowers.I have to water it to grow up and it even has a happiness meter!When i am away it’s not that happy!When i come back it is…My friends can water it when i’m gone.

Behind Plantpets there’s a whole team working hard and creating for giving this virtual world some more of the amazing things of real life such as plants!I hope my real gardenia doesn’t see what i’m doing right now!Gardenias get jealous very easily! 😀

Visit Plantpets in-world for a live demonstration and a Plantpet of your choice!


Chrisy 🙂


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