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Wear your system skirts with pride!


Just a quick note to say “Wear your system skirts with pride!”Left is Jennifer Connely for Balenciaga,right is moi for Nicky Ree!

If Balenciaga designs these  skirts for real women then why should we worry about wearing system skirts that give an extra volume to our hips?I just wonder!

Take a look at the new Balenciaga collection here(official site) !Seems like some truly virtual inspiration to me!

More thoughts and credits after the cut… (if u get a cut,seems it’s broken somehow)

Note 1:Aren’t Nicky Ree’s fabricks moore than real?

Note 2:Balenciaga’s new collection has been discussed a lot in forums and blogs.I think a girl with an avie could just be a bit more familiar with this look.Do you agree?

Note 3:There’s also another item for which people made a lot of discussions in rl.I’m just trying to find a poll ( don’t support “in blog” polls).Otherwise i’ll just show you what i mean later…

*Credits :

Nicky Ree -Top and short system skirt from Helen Cheong Sum set

A Fantasy Emporium -Dominatrixe desire shoes

DH– Kirsten hair in coal


Chrisy 😀


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