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Art on Avatar featuring Nicky Ree


When i received the invite i rezzed it on the beach in front of the house (and not in the house,fortunately…).I was in front of a huge panel with a black hole and ops!in a sec my photo appeared on it.I almost fainted but …we’re talking about IBM here.This one takes the profile pic of the avie standing nearest to it.Great concept… (see invite below )

Now the invite  is for the Art on Avatar on SOA Adventure island featuring Nicky Ree (see poster above).It is an exhibition with 50 photos of people wearing Nicky Ree’s creations .It was a true coincidence that my profile pic was my participation pic when Nicky Ree announced this in her group(matches the invitation!).

More info after the cut…

You can see all details on poster above and you can press the slurl here to visit.

ibm.jpgI am very curious to see all photos and how these 50 people express themselves through their avatars wearing Nicky’s amazing clothing…Interesting ha?

To take additional information on what the IBM SOA island is follow this link (directs you to an old  article on SL Mascot posted by Team Mascot a year ago but explains IBM’s project)


Chrisy 😀

P.S. Sorry if i confused some of you with  the posters-up is Nicky Ree ‘s invite poster for the event kindly provided by the designer herself for this post.Down is just an example of what the “mirror” (the rezzable invite for the event) does .


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