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Spring Thing

Forgive me but i can’t keep up with winter releases any more.Yeah,it’s still winter here too,actually most of the regions these days are covered with snow.But after reading a dozen of rl magazines this weekend…no more winter for me!Spring fashion is out there !Neo-70’s,colorful,flowery,bright metallic,neo tribal,cone heels,banana heels ….oh my god!Winter just died here!


That’s how i’ve been wandering around  SL today.Yes,some people were staring at me earlier like “what are you doing you crazy thing?it’s still wintertime!”.Well i don’t care,i’m in this spring thing and i’m  about to make my wish list for spring fashion in sl and maybe i’ll need your help on this.

I’m still trying to find a descent poll for users though and ….shhh don’t tell anyone you can freely comment on this blog- didn’t u know?

I apologise in public for being completely stupid in managing this blog’s options (now you know).

And i also have a quote :What would someone be without friends?    –My many thanks to my saviour.

*Credits in case you wanna spring yourselves:

Ume Mode -Purple and green tunic

Dutch Touch-Jean shorts

Yummy – found hearts bracelet scripted (leather changed to purple)

Maitreya -Chi chi pumps in purple

Cake – Ladybug glasses green

ETD – Davina 2 hair in ebony (discounted)  in ETD at Hairspray

CS-Vogue champagne skin canimal glow blue

Pose Give it to me …or give spring to me ,by [LAP]


Chrisy 😀


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  1. Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Never before at the Beauty of Spring

    Never before, at the beauty of spring;
    Have I noticed the scent, of so many things
    Of maple and cherry, and roses of red;
    And the lingering stench, of the wandering dead

    No further than nature, I wander to breathe;
    The fluttering scent, of flowers and weeds
    The quickening scent, of upgrading pines;
    Refreshingly green, from the changing in times

    ‘Camouflaged by grief and dissembled in sorrow; the advent of spring, in the rise of tomorrow
    Shall weather its beauty and relish its pain; wandering forth in golden rain’

    I heed to the singing, of birds in the sky;
    Roused by the sprouting, of life that revives
    I cherish this season, not lasting for long;
    Where the sounding of conflict, is blended song

    I heed to the crackle, of opening sprouts;
    At the beauty of springtime, where flowers arise
    I rest among grass, that is emerald green;
    Tranquil with a healthy, abundance of spleen

    Erect and majestic, of blistering crowns;
    The oak trees are growing, at the rising of time
    On freshly cut grass, on an emerald lawn;
    I heed to the sounding, and the making of spawn

    Never before, at the beauty of spring;
    Have I noticed the scent, of so many things
    Of lilies and daisies, and red pimpernel;
    And the fluttering scent, of the fires from Hell

    Comment by Anonymous ORE fan | February 19, 2008 | Reply

  2. >>>

    Comment by Anonymous ORE fan | February 19, 2008 | Reply

  3. Oh noo it’s impossible to read every song’s lyrics,i’m adding new every day!Thank you for your comment Anonymous ORE fan ,i assume you liked it since you’re signing as a fan of the group-still vague for me though-is it a VERY BAD song?that’s from curiousity!I’m taking it down away now 😀

    Comment by chrisy jewell | February 19, 2008 | Reply

  4. I hope you understand that english is not my native language and i don’t really understand what is wrong about it,sorry 😀

    Comment by chrisy jewell | February 19, 2008 | Reply

  5. lets just say that dead bodies are not very 70s spring feel 😛

    Comment by Anonymous ORE fan | February 19, 2008 | Reply

  6. Yeahh i think so too-still,their music is really great huh?ORA.I’m sorry if you felt your fav group’s song was “underestimated” here cause it was not at all my intention to do,i love music.Thanks again:D

    Comment by Chrisy Jewell | February 19, 2008 | Reply

  7. horray for springtime coming!!…that top is cute chrisy…waves hello in the direction of Greece

    Comment by Lawless McBride | February 19, 2008 | Reply

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