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But do it in style…

BMC Contest


If you like contests,this one is reallyyyyy huge!60,000 l,first price?30,000 second?10,000 third?Check the information below for more details

 $$$$$$$$~~Welcome to the Big Money Model Contest~~$$$$$$$$
This Land is dedicated to the indication of the sexiest avatar of Second Life. In order to achieve this goal ,we have made a Contest System very different from all the others.

Let’s check out the differences and the Contest Mechanics Function.

A)There is no Voting Hud
B)YOU select the position your photo will be appear on the Contest Wall.
C)Having trouble find your friend?Not in this Contest! Click the object indicated in the PANEL BOT Table,  type  your friend’s name in the chat dialog, a follow your panel bot friend to the panel!! It will show you EXACTLY where your friend’s picture is.
                                                Participating Establishment             

To Enter the Contest , “Pay” the Panel you wish your photo to appear.
At this point there are 2 Options:
When you “Pay” 300 L$ , you will get 1 point for every vote you get!
When you “Pay” 500 L$ , you will get  2 points for every vote you get!
Then you select “Load” in the drop down menu, and while holding Ctrl button, drag n drop your picture in the panel,afterwards the photo will auto-appear on the panel you already selected  before”.                       
                    The Avatar with the most points will Win 60000L$ in Cash! 
                                                         1st Place :60000 L$
                                                         2nd Place 30000 L$
                                                         3rd Place 10000 L$  

    Contest starts  at 03:00 PM  PDT ,03/15/08 running approximately   1 month.
    ***Note:  B.M.C reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the contest.   

Big Money Contest Place,Aloha              


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