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Thieves again…

A friend gave me a notice just a while ago for a shop selling stolen products and i went to see for myself.I was totally suprised of seeing items identical to ETD hair,Cake sunglasses,Last Call Frida outfit and many many more.There’s a protest going on right now outside this store and as i was informed many designers who were aware of this,visit the place to see they’re ripped off creations.

I was not aware of this till just a while ago,but i felt it was needed to report it as soon as i learned.

Here is the slurl.

And here’s a link to Eshi Otawara blog for many details .

IMPORTANT UPDATE: 30/3 : Stephanie Misfit on Fashion Victim (press to read here ) has written a very interesting post about content theft and protests.After my latest experience (last night) in front of a store with stolen stuff and after discussing with a lot of people (including designers) about this, i tend to agree with Stephanie that protesting might not be the indicated way to act.It could do damage to the efforts of the designers tracking these people plus it gives credit to the thieves translated to exposure and traffic.

***Now,since this is brought up ,on the sidebar there are always 3 Jira links.All you have to do is link to each of the 3 of them ,loggin to your second life acount (that is needed only once ) and vote on the jira side left down where it says “vote “.It takes 2 minutes the most.The more the votes are,the more the pressure is for the Linden Labs to solve these isssues which all are relative to content theft and reassuring the deisgners ‘ work.Thanks.


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B&w and yellow and purple…


Two days ago i bought an amazing new outfit from FTV .Today (after wearing it a lot with its own pants which are great) i stayed with the b&w top for a yellow-purple combination.So ,it’s b&w and yellow and purple,but still a “quiet” result i think…

*Credits :

FTV– Top from CoutureDeLaMo outfit
G.L.A.M. – Pants from glamour chic jumper in yellow
Miam Miam – Amethyste jewel bangle and amehtyst jewel earrings (sold separately), Eydie handbag in canary
Maitreya – Verve pumps in plum
+plus – Adorable sunglasses in purple
ETD – Flapper hair in ebony
Canimal – Grace skin essence of Frost
Poses by RE


Chrisy 😀

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