Shop Till U Drop!!!

But do it in style…


Hi…I missed writing (yes even in a foreign language )…I missed you people,the readers of this blog,the fashion world,the fashion news…

Ops!and it’s already May…First half of April i was like “should i post something?” almost every single day.But second half i was sooo busy i couldn’t even open the planet page and read some news.So,i’m far far behind on what’s happening in sl fashion and my avie is in there somewhere probably wearing the same things as a month before (gosh…old things!) so there are no news from me about that..

I just wanted to say hello cause i missed you all very much.HELLO!love u ,love u, love u!

And i hope i can be here more often which is still too difficult but at least i’ll try.

Keep enjoying marvellous spring,your second lives but most of all please please keep enjoying your lives.

Love you all,

Chrisy 😀


May 4, 2008 Posted by | fashion | 15 Comments