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Wondering in japanese sims

Today i was wondering in  japanese sims.I did some japanese drum playing (that was really something)……japanese drum playing

Then some nice relaxing fishing…..

Then a bit of dreaming….

Finally some modelling in case my outfit don’t show (i lie, i did it just for modelling a bit after wondering around without ao,walking ducky for so long)

Aaahh,it was really nice…

Credits for the outfit:

Silverscreen – Die hard vest (freebie) -undershirt layer
Blaze– Boyfriend’s shirt (only shirt layer worn)
Kurotsubaki – Cardigan Purple (jacket layer)
Elephant outfitters Armidi – Joan jean shorts dark rustic
Maitreya – Sculpted socks deep purple and verve pumps plum
Magika – #@%! hair in black and “Not for sale” necklace

CS – Vogue skin champagne canimal glow blue
Poses by RE

Places are Sakura Sushi Bar  and Hasumaru Designs


Chrisy 😀


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Eaten too much of this dangerous white thing with my greenie buddies..yeah i’m right  there sinking on that thing….

There’s a whole set of Greenies photos,on my flickr

For visiting one of the most fun destinations in SL,press here.


Chrisy 🙂 

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A newsboy in Scion…

Newsboy in Scion - close up
Mission was to take the shots of the Newsboy in Scion….First the author-photographer was attacked by a strange vehicle…then by lag and multiple crashes…then someone started asking the model for money….Well, mission turned to be more difficult than we excepted….however,photos do exist!!!finally….so,we consider this a success!:D

The newsboy in his whole outfit, some “surreal ” shots of him and all the credits,below the cut…. Continue reading

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Scion city

I no longer wonder why sl residents have been dramatically reducing their hours spent in front of tv,or movies.The option of participating in a “movie ” ourselves is more than tempting!I’ll direct you to the link i’ve been following for the past one hour..i was “investigator” number 800 something,and i think this work deserves much more attention than 800 people… 

Press this link to What is Scion City and you’ll find out  yourselves…

This is exciting!!!

Have fun!

Chrisy 🙂

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1000+1 nights -episode 1002


 ….or “The episode of freebie treasures”

Ιn the previous episode (-press here to see),i visited the place in daylight…This time it was even more dangerous…I went there at night and discovered there’s a secret underground entrance.Where does this lead?To the palace?Who can tell….it was very dark and i decided not to continue,since i’m not famous for my courage!So, i got out of there and walked in the desert.I found a beduin village on my way and thought it would be nice to take a few shots again… with the palace and the village….but suddenly i saw some heavily armed nomads watching at  me  …hmmm, they didnt look very friendly so….. “feet on shoulders and ruuuuun!”


*This episode’s treasures:

Leezu Baxter Designs – Goldred flexi dress (free gift under the Christmas tree in store with six more LBD dresses, only till the end of year!hey!wait!i didnt finish yet…).

Digital Dragon Designs– Double large  bangles (free  gift for today -u can still catch it,with other 2 jewelry pieces as well).

Diversity Hair– Stephanie in coal (1 linden mega pack of all colors).

Casa Del Shai-Gold Flat Hoop Earrings (free gift in the entrance of store in box with other free boxes with silver hoops and glasses).

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1000+1 nights -episode 1001

 palace_005.bmppalace_004.bmp    palace_003.bmp

Ohhh i’m bad..i’m truly truly bad….I visited one of the most amazing sims in the whole grid and i broke the holy silence with my camera flash sounds…i’m so bad i even played my model poses in front of the temple entrance…..but, am i happy?yeahhh…..and i hope i can share it with u here, cause that was a real adventure…Imagine there were warriors near me planning their movements in battle!.Am i kidding?nooo …I ‘ve been in 1000+1 nights today (or tonight?).I didnt even know it exists since yesterday!Thanks Afro and Dimi!I’m amazed…it’s a dream place…and though i’m not at all into roleplay and especially when it referrs to battles, i wanna visit again and again and again….i’m thrilled!!!

Okie, now!this is a fashion blog!Look what this bad girl is wearing in front of the temple entrance!Whole outfit is Bianca F. made by separates she released earlier today.Check the metal leggings in fuchsia, with their matching metal fuchsia bra (both available in other metal colors too!) and the pvc jacket in black (comes also in 3 other colors) with this lovely silver gold belt (3 sizes and fitting instuctions included-no worries,ladies).Leggings are put in the Big Boots (also Bianca F.).Hair is ETD Jasmine in ebony.

Bra?Silver?Gold?Jasmine?Hmmm, i could certainly have a role in 1000+1 nights, but it sure wouldn’t be  of a warrior…… (hihihihi)….

Now, enjoy 2 views of the palace….and dream….and absolutely visit but shhh…dont talk in chat, is strictly forbidden,just admire the beauty…or, if u are willing u can be a part of it by playing a role….but since i’m going back there for next episodes, if u ever see me,please dont kill me…. 🙂


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