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A game of words


Strawberry Holiday is one of my flickr contacts and as i recently discovered ,a very creative and talented person.I had the pleasure of meeting her today in her Prodigiosus II,when she and her friend caught me taking some snapshots there .They were both so kind and let me play .The place is still under construction but everyone can visit and play.Because that is what is all about.Strawberry is creating places for us to have fun.I wouldn’t call this otherwise than pure generosity.I know i had fun and i’m going back!Of course ,except the fun,don’t forget that Prodigiosus is an art work.But you’d better take the feel for yourselves,and i’m sure you will agree.Thank you so much,Strawberry!

Visit Prodigiosus here.

I also uploaded some edited photos of prodigiosus on my flickr page .

All  credits for the shots:

❤ Cupcakes – Nora dress (worn with sculpty skirt)
Bianca F. – Crop leather jacket from paris hot night outfit
PBI – The bucket hair in black worn with hat turned to red
Dry – Black & white bracelets
ETD – Hampton wedges in red
[Crap] – Popppins umbrella (group gift)
CS – Vogue skin champagne smoky red

Poses [LAP], skyfly anim (freebie),LH lovely witch ver.2


Chrisy 😀


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To be?Or not to be?

To be or not to be?That is the question….

To be!Cause we haven’t  seen it all yet…so many amazing things still to come in SL,beginning from tonight.I wasn’t aware of what Ina Centaur was organizing for tonight,until i read this article on SLNN (link here ) yesterday.Ina Centaur is producing Shakespeare’s Hamlet (Act 1,scene 1 extended) at SL Globe Theatre today at 6.00 pm.SLT.For all the available information about this production you can visit the (link here) and the SLGlobal Theatre site (link here).

I visited the SL Globe Theatre in SLiterary (press for slurl) and got a taste of what is going to happen there (too bad the hour is forbidden for my country and most europe time zone,it’s gonna be something like 4 in the morning here ).

I got fascinated of the theatre,so i took some pics to show you here.


 The stage (real actors will be performing in voice but there is also a subtitle’s hud so i read Barnando’s  line :”Who’s there?”


Camera sneaking behind the curtains…the stage it’s wonderful


A view of the theatre in night….

On (link above) you will find the details of the wardrobe of the play and in the shop just opposite the theatre you can find the complete outfits,skins,eyes of the characters appearing on act1 tonight.

So…to be!I hope many of you can make it to the play and share this experience afterwards…i’m expecting some great news tomorrow and  videos from the play!


Chrisy 😀

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Klimt,Miro and Juria Yoshikawa


If you’re wondering what Gustave Klimt,Juan Miro and Juria Yoshikawa have in common,the answer is very simple.Colors!Vivid bright colors in every possible combination.

I’ve expressed my love for Lady Thera’s creations in the past.And i’ll do it again.Thera never stops to amaze me.Her “painting” dresses are so pretty,not only because they’re inspired by famous paintings (and i love that idea) but because they do carry this “art feeling” in the most impressive way.

So let’s talk about Klimt first (above).The dress is the portrait of Adele Bloch.A pic is not enough for the outfit cause this skirt has the reflections of the  golden leaves Klimt used to use in his paintings and they actually show on walking,changing with the blue and red parts.Marvellous.

Lady Thera’s Miro dress and info about Juria Yoshikawa’s installation,after the cut…

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Art on Avatar featuring Nicky Ree


When i received the invite i rezzed it on the beach in front of the house (and not in the house,fortunately…).I was in front of a huge panel with a black hole and ops!in a sec my photo appeared on it.I almost fainted but …we’re talking about IBM here.This one takes the profile pic of the avie standing nearest to it.Great concept… (see invite below )

Now the invite  is for the Art on Avatar on SOA Adventure island featuring Nicky Ree (see poster above).It is an exhibition with 50 photos of people wearing Nicky Ree’s creations .It was a true coincidence that my profile pic was my participation pic when Nicky Ree announced this in her group(matches the invitation!).

More info after the cut…

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Starry night

Starry night1

The question is:”Do i wear blue and black together?”.The answer is yes,you definitely do!And ideally you jump into the virtual version of one of the most famous  based on blue & black paintings ,to play….

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Baiastice fashion show today!


Wooooot!Am i excited!Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice sent me an invite for today’s show ,organised by Mad Agency.Anyone who loves Baiastice clothes shouldn’t miss that!I’ll try my best to be there but before this,it was another chance for me to remind you (and wear) another one of Sissy’s great clothes….

An outfit,credits and landmark for the show after the cut…
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Black Swan

 Black Swan is one of the most impressive artistic regions in SL.This was really effective…

*More pics & credits after the cut….

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Eaten too much of this dangerous white thing with my greenie buddies..yeah i’m right  there sinking on that thing….

There’s a whole set of Greenies photos,on my flickr

For visiting one of the most fun destinations in SL,press here.


Chrisy 🙂 

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Para Nostalgia


First of all i wanna thank AM Radio for one of the best sky settings for Windlight,Nostalgia,used for this shot and for giving us some of the best SL photography i have ever seen.

Then i wanna tell you  how happy it makes me rediscovering great outfits that are  already in my closet for quite a long time.It’s like they’re waiting silently in there, for their  moment to come out.This is what Leezu Baxter Revolution Para was probably doing…

For more details about Nostalgia advanced sky setting , follow this link.

For AM Radio’s photos  ( some of the best SL photography), follow this link.

For taking LBD Para in your closet too, follow this slurl.

For feeling  peaceful, follow your heart ( link is you :D).


Chrisy 🙂

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Scion city

I no longer wonder why sl residents have been dramatically reducing their hours spent in front of tv,or movies.The option of participating in a “movie ” ourselves is more than tempting!I’ll direct you to the link i’ve been following for the past one hour..i was “investigator” number 800 something,and i think this work deserves much more attention than 800 people… 

Press this link to What is Scion City and you’ll find out  yourselves…

This is exciting!!!

Have fun!

Chrisy 🙂

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