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AC for Another Fundraiser


Everybody knows about Another Fundraiser (in case you don’t please press here ),and this great effort!All money collected from the purchases of modified Another Shop skins will be donated to UNICEF.It’s more than touching how many creators responded to this so far.I’d like to share with you the lovely make ups that Aphrodite Outlander of AC  made for the cause!

Above is the Basic one.All skins below the cut…. Continue reading


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camille_001.bmp …?What is  a girl doing Monday morning in a gown?Well, somehow,she had to  start showing u her “trophies” from the grand opening of the Muse sim yesterday ,which by the way is a lovely place for shopping with style! Caliah Lyon is so stylish herself ,we wouldn’t except  less from her…So, i spent a lot of time in the newly born sim.And of course in Muse main store ,buying amaaazing jewelry (which i intend to show u in next posts).. Anyway,  today Muse is officially opened so everyone can visit (for the first hours only group members were allowed).

There is also a treasure hunt going on with excellent prizes from the stores there (such as Nicky Ree,Tuli,Storm Schmooz and so many others ) so if u go for it i wish u good luck!

Back to the trophies…. yesterday i did a lot of shopping (sooner or later i’ll be broke,i swear!) …and this is one of the dresses i got from Bossanova store in Muse.It’s  Camille in gold.Available in 3 colors,Camille is a “Shine” marked dress-that means the money you pay goes to Doctors without Borders or better “Medecins sans frontieres”…The price is so affordable and the gown is truly lovely…

*Hair is Cake Europa Black-Headband,necklace and earrings are from Victoria set (platinum/diamonds)- the advent calender gift of the day from  Second Mirage. 🙂

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Elf yourself for Abby

elfyourrselfforabby_001.bmpTime goes by so quickly,and only 9 days left for Christmas!We should think about people who need our help…Alyssum Therian does!Way to go Aly!

Go Elf yourselves for Abby!Go to Love,Aly blog  now to get more information  about this effort! Alyssum Therian is doing something wonderful to help Abby!Let’s all help people !Go and purchase Abby’s elf for 100 linden and add ur little something in the donation box as well!

TP directly to the store(slurl press here) to do what we are at least expected to do as humans…. 🙂

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Let it Shine!


I read about Annah Couture  (Annah Whitfield) helping raising funds for “Shine” organisation .All u just have to do is go at her store and buy this wonderful dress  (Kate-Limited edition) for 100 l.There is also a donation box if u are willing to donate too.

You see there are people out there who live in the dark …so, let’s help them see a shine!

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