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Timeless & priceless


Yesterday i received this incredible costume for a review.My costumes collection suddenly got much richer with this one item.It’s so high quality i can talk about it for hours(no,don’t be afraid,i won’t).I “forced” Andromega to wear the male version (ok,i didn’t exactly force him,hhaha-we were just having fun again).This time journey was for 2.

What i would really like to say about this costume is :Do you remember these rl magazines articles,that show you an expensive bag (or belt,shoes,dress of a designer) in a close shot with the title:”Why you pay so much for this” and then explain why?.That’s what happens to me with House of Rfyre costumes.I look at the details,the quality,the setting of the outfit with my mouth open.And then i think “That’s why you pay so much for this”.If i hadn’t received this costume for a review,i would certainly buy it myself.And it costs 700 L.That’s all i had to say,i think it was clear.Some things are just worth every linden.Some items are just priceless &… timeless.That is only my opinion of course,i think i have the right to express it.


I just added the Lapin&Anato horn pig hat and Andromega wore his baron hair .

Costumes are Timeless for women in wine & rose (also available in black ) and Timeless for men (black) from House of Rfyre.


Chrisy 😀


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The bats


Andromega Volare is a good friend and a talented photographer.For me he’s an artist.He and me were playing the bats yesterday in Crimson Shadow.This was our first common shooting,a challenge to see how differently can 2 people view the same theme.

So, on Andromega’s flickr (press here) you can see his view of the bats and on my flickr mine.

What really matters for us both is that we had so much fun doing this together.And i hope we’ll do it again…Thanks Andromega.

Now,yesterday i was talking about 2 dresses from Ivalde and this is exactly why the below pics are here for.

This is Ivalde Bianca black bustlegown and that’s what it does when you get upside down.Funny i’m showing you a dress upside down.But then ,yes i’m weird.And then again,some dresses are too theatrical to “just wear”.Thank you Nef  for making this amazing gown.

My masque is Avid Raven .

Place is Crimson Shadow Rezzable.


Chrisy 😀

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Some news..and a secret!


Hi!Me in that costume again-hehe.Today i won’t show you an outfit for a change (you get a costume instead!).I just wanna share some news and..a secret.

First some fashion news of the day.

*In Addictive,Digit Darkes is moving from NY to Florida and she releases a skin pack with 4 skin tones and 2 different make ups for each,for the unbelievably low price of 400 Linden!I think this is only for today so you better hurry up!These skins are good!

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*Danger*Toxic waste-umm..this week started a bit..”toxically” for me in sl…so, wearing this black outfit made me feel powerful again and that was good!

Meet Eterna,House of Rfyre’s newest release.As most of HofR costumes,this one includes a variety of items you can make combinations with,and Eterna has also a lovely prim skirt.But as i already mentioned ,i needed the power feel,so here’s Eterna in her pantsuit.Resting among toxic waste…fearless…

*All credits:

House of Rfyre-Eterna costume

Celestial Studios-Whitney hair in ebony

Storm Schmooz Footwear-Maitresse boots in black

Iridium Kitty-Eyes Polar white

Juicy-Becham male poses (1 linden pack of 10)


Chrisy 🙂

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Should i stay or should i go?




All credits:

Original Darth Vader  photos from gallery.

Outfit –House of Rfyre Drifter in Charcoal(3 different jackets included).

Boots –Minx Amazon Princess in black (only lower part worn here).

Hair-Armidi Poynter in midnight 2.

All poses used-Dilemma (beachy stand 2,reserved ground sit,beachy stand 5).


Chrisy 🙂

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Feathers of the year

 feathers2_005.bmpfeathers2_004.bmpHi everybody!Callie Cline’s new release,”ugly duckling”,gave me the motive to go.. feathers again !It’s really amazing what sl designers did this past year with feathers!So, i present you my all time feather favorites…

First, as i’ve already said, is Callie Cline’s ugly duckling which includes also a little shorter skirt and two options in boas.All textures are great and the work is just perfect!

 feathers2_001.bmpfeathers2_002.bmp Then we go to an older, but always loved dress,Nicky Ree’s Mooie Vogel.Well, not much to say here,Mooie Vogel is simply great and absolutely elegant….

feathers2_006.bmpfeathers2_007.bmpAnd finally, the hit of 2007 (in my opinion always) is Nicky Ree’s  Swan Lake Dream in Black.Of course Swan Lake goes in costumes category, but trust me ,by taking off the long sleeves cuffs and chapaeu,u have the most fabulous gown u could wear on Christmas eve or whenever….Swan Lake Dream is…just a dream….

*Hair:Diversity Hair– Kirsten Power in coal,Frangipani Designs– Kylie in Sangria (freebie fat pack),Armidi-The soho in midnight II

*Shoes :Tesla -Natasha Heels in black.   🙂

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Funny Bunny!


Hello everybody!Few days ago Simone sent her group a notice about releasing this “Vintage Bunny” and i thought , really,would it be funny to be a bunny?So, i grabbed this costume from Simone!Designs and  jumbed up  there to take a pic.And i had funnnn!

Oh! Since u’re going at Simone’s check out the hugh sale (only 100 l for those dresses?) Bunny ….Runnyyyy!!!

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