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But do it in style…

Thieves again…

A friend gave me a notice just a while ago for a shop selling stolen products and i went to see for myself.I was totally suprised of seeing items identical to ETD hair,Cake sunglasses,Last Call Frida outfit and many many more.There’s a protest going on right now outside this store and as i was informed many designers who were aware of this,visit the place to see they’re ripped off creations.

I was not aware of this till just a while ago,but i felt it was needed to report it as soon as i learned.

Here is the slurl.

And here’s a link to Eshi Otawara blog for many details .

IMPORTANT UPDATE: 30/3 : Stephanie Misfit on Fashion Victim (press to read here ) has written a very interesting post about content theft and protests.After my latest experience (last night) in front of a store with stolen stuff and after discussing with a lot of people (including designers) about this, i tend to agree with Stephanie that protesting might not be the indicated way to act.It could do damage to the efforts of the designers tracking these people plus it gives credit to the thieves translated to exposure and traffic.

***Now,since this is brought up ,on the sidebar there are always 3 Jira links.All you have to do is link to each of the 3 of them ,loggin to your second life acount (that is needed only once ) and vote on the jira side left down where it says “vote “.It takes 2 minutes the most.The more the votes are,the more the pressure is for the Linden Labs to solve these isssues which all are relative to content theft and reassuring the deisgners ‘ work.Thanks.


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I love you Valentino!

I love u Valentino!

Yesterday,in Paris Fashion week ,and in  a glamorous show, Valentino,the great Italian designer said goodbye to the fashion world after his decision to retire….The show ended in the most fabulous way,with all the girls crossing the catwalk in  the same RED Valentino dress……

“I am so sad, we’re witnessing the end of an era of great Italian fashion couturiers. When he is gone there is no one to replace him,” said Italian television celebrity Simona Ventura, blinking away tears.

Read the whole article of the NY Observer here.

This post is dedicated to all the girls of my age (or almost),who grew up watching Linda,Naomi,Christy,Sidney and all the goddesses of the Top Model’s era wearing Valentino’s amazing creations……

(More after the cut)… Continue reading

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And now the new year wish!

Happy new year to the east part of this globe,which is already in 2008!!!!I’m somewhere in the middle (…i think-lol) and the year will change here in about four hours….I wish the best for everybody in this cute little planet we live in…

However, i’d like to make a special wish for these people among us who live alone….or feel lonely this very special day….

To all of you who don’t have someone to celebrate with today,to all of you who feel lonely….ok.i know i am “the nobody” from “the nowhere” but….please,don’t lose your faith in whatever you believe…and please don’t lose your faith in yourselves…a brighter day will come,it’s on its way,believe it…

..and  just remember, in this cute little planet..we ALL LIVE TOGETHER…..


Chrisy 🙂

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Just a wish…

Something made me feel really sad today…a very talented designer and friend of mine discovered that some of her work was stolen (i will no way expose people with names or anything-this isn’t my role to do here….)

Anyway this was kind of a shock for Chrisy -leaving in the happy fancy world of just buying and showing fashion….And though i should have known this happens so often in sl as in the real world,maybe i’m so stupidly sensitive i didn’t want to believe it.

You see my strongest belief is people and what they are capable of doing,always in the good way….I dont know,maybe i live on clouds but how this world would be if there werent a bunch of fool romantics like myself left here?

For the next year,i wish original creativity shines and real talented people surprise us all in the most pleasant way,and this wish refers to both of my worlds and to all the fields…


Chrisy 🙂

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Merry Christmaaaasss!!!!!!

underthemistletoe_001.bmpMerry Christmaaaass to all the world!!!!

It’s almost midday here ,we’re about to have our Christmas launch and i’ll get back about 5 kilos heavier,so i’m sending you my best wishes now that i’m still in shape (LOL)!

May your lives will always be filled with joy and happiness !May we all be more humble and compationate to each other!May the world becomes a better place for our children to live in!

To all my loved visitors,thank you for being my friends.I appreciate it probably even more then you imagine and i wish you all the best!!!


Chrisy 🙂

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My warmest wishes to you all…

Yesterday i told myself i shouldnt post this and ruin the joy spirit of the days.I should just give you all my warm wishes (which you have anyway,from the bottom of my heart).I also thought i shouldn’t make a fashion post too,so i could take a break and regain my optimism back since i felt too hurt ….But today it happened again,just 10 minutes ago,so maybe i’m not so weird,i’ll tell you what.Here you go,finally i’ll give u my Christmas complaint….The past 3 days i’ve been wandering all around the grid as always and even more,taking my advent calender gifts and also in search of the Christmas gifts for my sl friends.So, i’ve been in a lot of places (stores) filled with people!Though i’m Greek and my english may not be so good,i wrote in chat the simplest wish,so apparently it was comprehensive “Merry Christmas to you all!”.

What i got back?You wouldnt really want to know …..cause it’s sad.From more then 40 people in  total (all stores) i got about 2 plain “thanks”,and one “to you to!”today (that was also good) and one,just one really expressive “Thank you Chrisy,Merry Christmas to you too!” (that was in Muse 2 days ago,from a nice girl i couldn’t forget to mention).Anyway,why i bother you with this?I think you all got the point…

It’s Christmas…Open your hearts please!No, better open your hearts anyway.Christmas or not!

Thank you all for being here

May you all have a very Merry Christmas

With the warmest wishes from my heart

Chrisy  🙂

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U mean… IN the feed?

Another busy day in rl, i have to run as always, BUT first i wanna  thank Mr Tao Takashi for adding Shop Till U Drop!!! in the Fashion Planet feed….yayyyyy!!!Hellooo Fashion Planet!I wanna welcome all the new visitors, and i hope everyone will  find something he likes or interests him on my blog….

Ok , got to run, see u all later.Till then,take care and ….have funnn!!! 🙂

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Dark Doll Dance…….


Hi there!First of all i wanna thank u all for visiting this blog ,even if this blog isn’t subscribed in the main Fashion Planet feed yet.Everybody’s saying “it takes a while to be in the feed”.ok,fine with me!I’ll wait…Anyway, some first statistics:i’ve been blogging for the last 23 days and in these 23 days i had 1.123 visitors .I consider this a great success for a blog who lives “in the dark side” (yep!Fashion Planet is the light for bloggers and Shop Till U Drop!!! is not there yet….)My saying has no bitter at all, in fact i’m happy for having all of u here .I’m even satisfied if i gave even just one idea so far  to someone , for what to wear in a special night or where to go to have a nice time….

This blog is here for YOU!And any comment or suggestion for improvement is always welcome!

*Dark Doll outfit is from Nocturnal Threads by kaia Ennui (pants length turned to 90 to be  more skinny).*Boots are Digit Darkes Paris Boots Silver.*Supercool dance anim for dark ladies is Jammy Dodger (new female dance  ) from Sine Wave .

Have a nice evening! 🙂

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Hi everybody!i’m really reaaally excited today, the show is in about a few hours!!! I’m gonna thank once more the designers supporting this:

Armidi—Casa Del Shai—Hoorenbeek—Muse Jewelry —Shiny Things—Simone!Designs.


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Thank you!


Helloo !A  great Thanks to all of you who visit my blog ,  i had so many visitors so far i could never even imagine of having!

A great Thanks also to all my dear friends supporting this.I feel really blessed i’m  sharing both my lifes with such amazing people …I love u all!

Okie, let me share some addreses now, i just felt i needed to express my feelings but u dont wanna see me crying here (such a bad cry!lol)…..

Well, dress is Mimicri Trixi Ecru (satin with lace bow comes in 2 versions in pack :bow behind and bow front-cuttteee!).Shoes are Shiny Things Signature Slingbacks in Black (just excellent !) and finally, necklace is the lovely detailed Celine Pearl Necklace (in Black pearl/white crystal/silver) by Muse.

Okie, that’s all for now.See u later and …… have funnnnnnn!:)

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