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Last Call for Ginny

Last night was a night of grief for the Fashion world of SL.

Even though i never met Ginny Talamasca of Last Call ,i want to give my sincere condolences to everyone who knew, loved and shared their lives with the person behind the avatar.

When it comes to death, i have no more words….


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That’s me!


Okie, it’s taken in-world by…. me!Please…gimme some credit!(Bloggie newbie!)

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Hi all!

God!That’s difficult for an amateur!I accidentally deleted my first post so this is “Hi all !” number two !LOL!

Anyway, at least i’m trying!

Okie, got so tired from all that i’m gonna give it a rest for today!

BUT, first for anyone who accidentally browses into this ALL BRAND NEW BLOG(hihi)…..i have to start somehow, so check my first links on blogroll!

I managed to add 2 of my favorite blogs – “Carissa’s Closet” and “Does This Make My Ass Look Fat?” -check them out , they’re both just great!!!

Okie, have fun!

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