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Hi…I missed writing (yes even in a foreign language )…I missed you people,the readers of this blog,the fashion world,the fashion news…

Ops!and it’s already May…First half of April i was like “should i post something?” almost every single day.But second half i was sooo busy i couldn’t even open the planet page and read some news.So,i’m far far behind on what’s happening in sl fashion and my avie is in there somewhere probably wearing the same things as a month before (gosh…old things!) so there are no news from me about that..

I just wanted to say hello cause i missed you all very much.HELLO!love u ,love u, love u!

And i hope i can be here more often which is still too difficult but at least i’ll try.

Keep enjoying marvellous spring,your second lives but most of all please please keep enjoying your lives.

Love you all,

Chrisy ūüėÄ


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Campbell’s soup


That my avie would wear Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s soup as an amazing¬†top in sl ,no i hadn’t thought of it till yesterday,when i saw this one on catwalk.Fortunately,designers surprise us happily every single day….

*Credits :

Lady Thera’s –¬† Andy Warhol Tomato Soup (top and underpants,short pantsuit)*ops!and the painting included!
Armidi Elephant outfitters  -joan jean shorts dark rustic
ETD– Rainboots red
Truth – Polly hair in black
Dry – Black/white bracelet
Woo’s – Slim white leopard bangles
Cake – Retro bugs dark navy blue
Bianca F – Sahara natural skin lips a
Poses by LAP


Chrisy ūüėÄ

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Baiastice new collection

Sissy Pessoa the designer and owner of Baiastice,made the first release of her new collection (i was waiting for this so much ,cause i love her clothing as so many people do).I purchased 2 gorgeous outfits from the new collection and Sissy was too kind to offer me a splendid outfit which is not released yet but soon to come (with lots more,i suppose)!

DUELpageThis is the Duel outfit (sexyy) matched with Sven Olbers heel less shoes in black and Abyss Secret hair in full moon

MALLORYpageThe Mallory dress (astonishing romantic gown ) matched with Les Enfants du plastique Coif Mothership hair in black

Sirikit-preview And this is the gorgeous Sirikit pantsuit (will be released soon in store).Includes also a version of a cute short dress).I wear ND Impulse hair (black pearl) with it,VW Obnoxious shades plain with violet lens and FTV Double silver bracelet (group gift).

Additional credits:Bianca F. sahara natural skin lips a and poses by Animah.


Chrisy ūüėÄ

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B&w and yellow and purple…


Two days ago i bought an amazing new outfit from FTV .Today (after wearing it a lot with its own pants which are great) i stayed with the b&w top for a yellow-purple combination.So ,it’s b&w and yellow and purple,but still a “quiet” result i think…

*Credits :

FTV– Top from CoutureDeLaMo outfit
G.L.A.M. – Pants from glamour chic jumper in yellow
Miam Miam – Amethyste jewel bangle and amehtyst jewel earrings (sold separately), Eydie handbag in canary
Maitreya – Verve pumps in plum
+plus – Adorable sunglasses in purple
ETD – Flapper hair in ebony
Canimal – Grace skin essence of Frost
Poses by RE


Chrisy ūüėÄ

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My Naomi

Bianca Foulon (as¬†many of¬†the¬†readers of this blog already know ) is one of my favorite designers and also a precious friend.She had a show¬† in Addictive last Saturday which me the stupid didn’t attend because i ¬†always¬†get confused with ¬†sl time and when¬†sweet Scarlett¬†,reminded me and tried to tp me it was too late because the sim was already full.Anyway,after the show Bianca made a huge release of the new items but except the new great ¬†releases she also made one of my childhood dreams come true with¬†her new amazing cioko¬†– chocolate skins!I always wanted to be Naomi,even for a sec….

So here you go,my Naomi….


She walks and the catwalk loves her!(my catwalk is a prim box,but anyway).

But i couldn’t leave her most glorious moment unmentioned….


Here is Naomi falling (she lost her balance because of the extremely high rounded¬†heels )but still …she looks ¬†gorgeous even falling,no?…


Bianca F. РCiokofata eyeliner  skin (models wear skin from the Untitled show) , Mongolia Black dress (from the new Untitled collection)  , Romantic   boy shoes (models wear boots from the Untitled show)

Untone  РTsubaki earrings

Magika – Classy hair in black

Poses Reel Expression and LAP


Chrisy ūüėÄ

March 27, 2008 Posted by | fashion | , , | 6 Comments

Feeling sexy…


I was still quite depressed with the weather…when i logged in and found that i had to have ¬†this new outfit from DE Designs.It really cheered me up,i feel sexy!Thanks to Doc Eldritch for this feeling!


DE Designs – Abbie outfit (one option worn here-inlcudes also sporty top and long pants)
Magika – Leia hair in black
Digit Darkes – Cameo Gem necklace Santa Fe (new and excellent)
Armidi – Vidalia pump metalic silver
+Plus – Wide bangle in silver (+plus is my latest addiction for accessories)
Bianca F. – sahara fata clean skin
Poses by LAP


Chrisy ūüėÄ

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Please bring spring!


I call this look “Please Bring Spring” in another desperate effort to do some magic…I mean….it’s almost snowing here…24 of march…Please,God?


DeLa – Tank Top Jessie Orange with Nemoblue stole (included)
MG Fashion – Puffed mini skirt teal
Lycee feelings – Ruruko daily bag white
Tesla – Diva2 shoes in Aqua
Armidi – The poynter hair in midnight 2
Bianca F. – Sahara fata clean skin
+Plus – Adorable sunglasses in turqoise (group gift)
Poses by AnaLu and Animah


Chrisy ūüėÄ

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Sometimes a “strong” accessory is enough


The clothes¬†for this look¬†work as¬†just¬† a base for bigger and smaller accessories.The “strong” accessory¬†was the big impressive bag,and the rest of the look stayed “quiet”.

*All credits:

DP yum yum– QT Sweater and socks
Leezu Baxter – Sam jeans
TOSL – Equus 1 red tartan bag
Kurotsubaki – Choco cake rings and earrings
Maitreya РSassy velvet black  wedges
ETD-Chic Aviator s Gold frames
Canimal – Grace skin essence of frost
Truth – Deanne black hair (free- the band is turned red here)
Poses by LAP


Chrisy ūüôā

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Candy Heart Periquitas


Sweet Erpla ,the creator of Periquitas (my¬† in-world “camperitas” ,as i like to tease her about from back then…¬†),offered me her¬†new adorable and absolutely girly Candy Heart round wedges.I made a simple outfit for one color of them but you can find all 6 colors in Periquita¬†at Lame.

With the green ones, i wear Grandma Muscat dress and Cake Lady bug glasses in green.Skin is Bianca F. sahara natural lips A,hair is Truth Polly in black and pose is Animah.

I want to wish Happy Easter to all the people around the world that celebrate it this Sunday (our Easter is exactly 5 weeks from now).

Love and my best wishes,

Chrisy ūüėÄ

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A rather ethnic style


Today thanks to Kalli i managed to get to Truth and buy some new amazing styles (2 free also) and to also get the new free Arcane skins.I loved the caramel tone so much ,i made a rather ethnic look for it.

*All credits :

Arcane – Limited edition opening skin free Liquid Skin caramel
Truth – Paris hair in black
E.M.A. – Jacket black (with top )
Cubic Effect – Sarrouel pants black
G.L.A.M. – Cascade disk earrings
Lassitude & Ennui – Signature sandals black and silver (free in store)
Skin Within – Sacha manicure and pedicure
Bonita Jewelry – Gray & Pearls bracelet 5 – #11
Pose by LAP


Chrisy ūüėÄ

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