Shop Till U Drop!!!

But do it in style…

Armidilicious-ETDlicious and… Mercy me, am i tagged for the 5,786,974th time?


Hi world!I just broke my personal record of largest non blogging period…..ehh,it was kinda fun you know!Like taking a small cruise.Talking about cruises,this is my “Cheer up your old mariniere-version 2” (first version was here).I did some serious top brand shopping today.Armidi and ETD.Added a bit of Cubic effectiveness  too and some Fuel.Fuel’s ok ,sailing again!

Now,thanks Kalli for tagging me!What a pleasant surprise !Grrr%^&%$##&……. Naaa,still love you! 😀

Rules (i’m copying this from your blog,now you can sue me for content theft,i swear ) :

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

1.I pick up the nearest book -piece of cake,i don’t even have to stand up

2.I open page 123.ok

3.I find the 5th sentence.ummm…left column or right?ok ,i’ll take right

4.I post the next 3 sentences:

Canker:disease that destroys the wood of trees …(huh?)

Canna:plant with large dark leaves and bright yellow red or orange flowers bla bla bla

Cannabis:Indian hemp, a drug also known as hashish and marijuana,smoked or chewed ….ermmm,now i’m getting multiple sues so i better right that clear:

The book near me is Oxford Advanced Dictionary of current English A.S.Hornby

Humiliated (page 417) :cause to feel ashamed bla bla bla…

5.I tag five people :

1.Milla, i always tag you it’s a tradition !

2.Scarlett ,i always tag you too,it’s a tradition too!

3.Caliah,i tag you cause maybe you’ll read us some of the great stuff you did on  the new GLAM issue

4.Cleo, i tag u cause maybe you have a book with secrets about this amazing curly hair of yours

5.Shir,i tag you cause i’m sure the book nearest to you will be a nice surprise!

*Credits for Cheer up your old mariniere- version 2

Armidi  & Elephant Outfitters – Angel II  hair in true black ,Ribbon tank navy (ribbon not worn here),Journey tweed slacks navy,Dhali bow platforms gold

ETD – Chic Aviators gold frame and Golden everyday tote (worn on shoulder )

Fuel – Key keeper necklace

Cubic Effect  – Military jacket blue for women

Poses by Torridwear included in the bag’s ao


Chrisy 😀


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Mercy me!Am i tagged to eternity?

Alright,that’s Chrisy -the meme girl- Jewell again,live from the grid and tagged once more (now it’s a new one, Christmas wishes and so)… BoRee Vella did it this time (ohoh ,i’m gonna get you for that,BoRee!)..Okie,that’s how it goes…

~ * ~What I want for Christmas ~ * ~
Copy the below text into your posting, add your reply, add your tagged members (5 please), then leave them a post or email letting them know they’ve been tagged.

Question 1 – What is the one thing you always wanted for Christmas as a child, but never got. Even now, as an adult, it would be pretty cool if you got it.

Question 2 – What is the one thing you wish for this Christmas (for yourself)?

Question 3 – What would you wish for, if the sky was the limit, and nothing was impossible?

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Answer 1-Well,i was rather privileged as a child, i could have almost everything i could wish for,Christmas season or not…The weird thing is i dont ever remember myself wishing or asking  for anything material…instead of that i remember my mom almost dragging me into stores and begging me to buy me something nice…and my dad always saying “let the kid alone…” u dad (yeah sure mom,u too)!

Answer 2-For this Christmas?It’s only health….for me ,for the people i love and if that was ever  possible, for the whole world….yeahhh,common answer but that’s how it goes when u grow up, u want health and wish for health…everything else can be fixed…..

Answer 3-Ohhh, if nothing was impossible….i’d wish i could go to space….nahhhh, i’m so earthy type,i’d probably wish i had 3 or 4 kids driving me crazy all day  and a  hubby also driving me crazy by  saying “let the kids alone…”

Revenge tag time in-world…..hehehe!Well, it’s gonna be..hmm…. Milla Michinaga,Neferia Abel,Carissa Crimson,Callie Cline and Scarlett Niven!U’re tagged! 🙂

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Testing,testing…This is Chrisy live from the grid..naaaahh,it’s a lie..grid is down, and i can’t shop!people,i’m sad here…well, i’m gonna do the meme:

Question:What is ur favorite place in sl?

My answer:Pic was taken in NumeryMart in Osaka but i post this just because i already missed shopping in sl!lol!My favorite place in  sl is….my home (kinda weird?)well, that’s where i can open all my new boxes after a “shop till u drop” day in sl malls….in addition, this house is always alive, friends visit often,well it’s my shelter after all,just like irl…oh and its always lag free!does this count?yeahhh… 🙂

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Mercy me!Am i tagged again?

Alright Milla we both know u tagged me back 4 days ago, and i’ve been “playing  the duck”(hohoho!)I’m gonna get u girl, i promise!Well, i wont tag anyone this time ,so the curse is over my head…brrrrrrr!

The rules are bla bla bla bla (see previous mercy me! post) and the 8 new things are:

1.i’m left-handed,so absolutely left-handed (no amphidextrous, no anything) …right hand is here only for moving the pc mouse and…ironing (strange thing)

2.i drive a lot, for 15 years now, but  god help who’s on my way…

3.when i drive ,its like i’m transforming from a kind girl to a muscular cab driver ready to beat everybody to death….or almost…

4.I’m usually kind with everybody but i cant stand people who have no  respect for the others..It shows that in depth they do not have self respect and i hate that…ok, a bit hard but that’s how it is….

5.My rl face is so common my friends have found about a hundred girls looking exactly like me…and sometimes its a mess, they go and grab them, hug them and then realise its another version of the common face girl….

6.I’ve never done any sports in my whole life, except in school where there was no option,fitness is for people who live a normal life, i live 2 and they’re both boheme….

7.I have no hubby,kids,pets ,the only thing that breathes in my flat is me and of course my plants (to which by the way,i talk a lot…)

8.i’ve done so much reading in my  life so far, i can’t even get close to a book right now…That’s probably another break season i use to have, but i hope it lasts long…,i’m done (if i could only find who started this!)… 🙂

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Mercy me!Am i tagged?

After Monday’s nightmare at work, i’m finally home….I take a hot bath  and then  i wanna enjoy a glass of sangria (my favorite spanish wine), open my pc to see how my blog’s going today and what are the news in the Planet……and …..oh nooooooo!I got tagged in this 8 random things game by Carissa Crimson (o.O. Cari u’re gonna regret this!!!!).No mercy in this world for a poor tired girl, i have to write all that?(god,i’m gonna cryyy……).Anyway, that’s how it goes:

The rules:1.Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.2.People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.3.At the end of  your blog, you need to choose 8 people to get tagged and list their names.4.Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged,and to read your blog.

my 8 random habits:

1.i’m greece’s best chocolate consumer of the year (and that is every single year).

2.Since “Friends” ended, i’ve watched them on dvd about a billion times.

3.when i get angry i eat my lips(probably that’s a good habit-otherwise i would be eating people since when i get angry i get also in sane….)

4.Sometimes i think my nose has its own personality.It’s all about smells, who i love who i hate with whom i fall in love, and it goes on with things, food,books etc….

5.i do not eat snails.I HATE cooked snails even if someone brings them on a plate accompagnied with weird lettuce in a fancy restaurant and call them “escargot!”I do not eat snails, french or any nationality.

6.When i was a kid my friends were calling me “penguin” cause of the way i walked.That’s how i learned to love penguins (it’s called compassion).

7.When i wake up in the morning. i’m almost blind.I fall onto  things, like the bed or the bathroom door etc.In the afternoon,i usually wonder where did i get those bruises.(?….:P)

8.I used to consider myself a clever person till the moment i read this research conclusion that really clever people do not consider themselves clever and i got the point.i’m probably  stupid…

Ho ho ho!And now’s the time!I’ll tag (lets see …hmmm).Simone Stern(hihihihiih!),Shai Delacroix,Mimikri Kit,Madison Carnot,Bianca Darling,Caliah Lion,Fallingwater Cellardoor aaand  Milla Michinaga…Ohhh finally this is fuuun!Thanks Cari!:)

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