Shop Till U Drop!!!

But do it in style…

Thieves again…

A friend gave me a notice just a while ago for a shop selling stolen products and i went to see for myself.I was totally suprised of seeing items identical to ETD hair,Cake sunglasses,Last Call Frida outfit and many many more.There’s a protest going on right now outside this store and as i was informed many designers who were aware of this,visit the place to see they’re ripped off creations.

I was not aware of this till just a while ago,but i felt it was needed to report it as soon as i learned.

Here is the slurl.

And here’s a link to Eshi Otawara blog for many details .

IMPORTANT UPDATE: 30/3 : Stephanie Misfit on Fashion Victim (press to read here ) has written a very interesting post about content theft and protests.After my latest experience (last night) in front of a store with stolen stuff and after discussing with a lot of people (including designers) about this, i tend to agree with Stephanie that protesting might not be the indicated way to act.It could do damage to the efforts of the designers tracking these people plus it gives credit to the thieves translated to exposure and traffic.

***Now,since this is brought up ,on the sidebar there are always 3 Jira links.All you have to do is link to each of the 3 of them ,loggin to your second life acount (that is needed only once ) and vote on the jira side left down where it says “vote “.It takes 2 minutes the most.The more the votes are,the more the pressure is for the Linden Labs to solve these isssues which all are relative to content theft and reassuring the deisgners ‘ work.Thanks.


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I see gray people…

I see gray people

This is  reporter Chrisy J live from the RFL Clothing Fair…

-Hot news!Latest fashion trend comes directly from the Official Second life blog .”I see gray people…and they walk around like they don’t know they are gray…”.<(read all about it).

Well ,apparently they don’t know they look gray for everybody else.Take the pic above for example.I just teleported to the Clothing Fair.Everybody around me is gray.I see myself rezzed (but still dressed all gray,ok,that was a happy coincidence-wooohooo,am i trendy!).Each of these girls around me see everybody else gray ( including me too ,but you can’t see it on this pic,cause you look through my eyes right now).I look ok to myself but i don’t know that everyone else is seeing me gray AND all the others….An imaginary conversation about this right there, would end like “Nooooo,YOU look gray!And YOU!aND YOU!”,”No,it’s you,you you!i see me ok!”,”stop that u too!you are all gray here except me of course!”.

Conclusion:wear any color you want.You get automatically in the latest gray trend.And that is official!

*In case someone says to you (which is very possible to happen) :”Ummm,sorry but you are grey….” and you want to be ready to answer “But i am in gray!”,follow the steps below:

1.wear bijou shake pantsuit in black (black grey-prim cuffs are not worn here)

2.wear cubic effect Full sculpted knit jacket (dark grey)

additional non- grey credits for the reporter:

bianca f. – oxxo boots b&w

 ETD– willlow ii hair in ebony

Creamshop – cock?swan? necklace (you don’t see it but it’s there behind my hands i swear -and it’s just lovely)

CS -Vogue skin champagne canimal glow pink

*Important note : Visit Relay for Life Clothing Fair.Many of your favorite stores are there.Put your little stone please…Direct slurl to Relay For Life Clothing Fair

Love and health for all,

Chrisy 😀

Update: (Thanks to Skinkie and Julia for bringing this up!) The above outfit is NOT recommended for the Clothing Fair,as for any crowdy place (especially for the Fair,where we all have to help each other to be able to shop for just a good cause!).To visit the fair and help everybody do their share,low your prims as much as possible (dettach aos,heavy prim clothing,shoes,etc.).:D

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Little miss sunshine


Three days more…three days more…three days more!!!!

(For spring to officially be here….) mwaaa spring!

(Chrisy takes her 3d dolly in daisy fields and feels like a baby again….)


Tree of sl – Umbrella dress liquid sunshine and flower heels tropics hemp

Magika – Sunshine hair in black

Yip’s – Headpiece from free Anouska outfit

Poses by Juicy

*Important note : The same time that you and me are waiting for the spring to bring us joy,some people are waiting for their own sunshine,with the hope to survive from serious diseases.Relay for life Clothing Fair is open and it is so touching what people do to get there and help.In my country we say “put a little stone to this…”.Like do your share,and we can do something good together….If we all help,we can make something big.

Direct slurl to Relay For Life Clothing Fair

Love and health for all,

Chrisy 😀

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Reynard the fox

That CIA is living a Second Life,it’s known to almost everybody by now.Some wonderful people have already covered this issue like Harper Ganesvoort here, Matt Harley here  and Hamlet Au here.And probably  others that i ‘m not aware of their particular posts,i’m sorry.

Now comes the part i like.The codename for the CIA project for watching virtual worlds is Reynard.You can also read this article for details on Intendblog.

And who is Reynard? (Indeed the guy naming this project has a good sense of  humour!)


About Reynard the fox :

hero of several medieval European cycles of versified animal tales that satirize contemporary human society. Though Reynard is sly, amoral, cowardly, and self-seeking, he is still a sympathetic hero, whose cunning is a necessity for survival. He symbolizes the triumph of craft over brute strength, usually personified by Isengrim, the greedy and dull-witted wolf.

*every single word of Reynard’s description shows how symbolic the name of the project is.Triumph of craft over brute strength?Isengrim ,the bad wolf?Reynard’s cunning is a necessity for survival.Yup!True!

Now what can a poor fashion blogger in virtual worlds contribute to this issue with her poor english?Not much.Hmmm,maybe,just maybe some styling directions for the female “Reynards” in Second Life?

My thought was to bring Reynard from medieval forests to today’s virtual gardens and turn him into a female.

So, if i was a secret agent in Second Life,i’d wear the following:


Since spring’s on the way ,i’d pass immediately to shorts,oh yes.My outfit would be the Birdwatcher suit (symbolic too?) in khaki from Shai.I’d wear my Akeyo chucks turned to olive .I would cover my face with Cake Tortouise shell (tartarouge) la femme glasses and MG fashions brown leather cap.I’d go anywhere with my Telephoto lens camera bought from Icing.I’d also wear the BSD Citizen belt. (Additional credits:Magika-classy hair black,Bianca F-natural skin lips A and poses by  RE).


Yes,yes it would be so obvious i’m “watching”.But then ,if it was so obvious,noone would believe i’m really a “watcher”,right?

I have been thinking a lot about it……After all,i’m Reynard the fox….

Place is Toxic Gardens


Chrisy 😀

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Armidilicious-ETDlicious and… Mercy me, am i tagged for the 5,786,974th time?


Hi world!I just broke my personal record of largest non blogging period…..ehh,it was kinda fun you know!Like taking a small cruise.Talking about cruises,this is my “Cheer up your old mariniere-version 2” (first version was here).I did some serious top brand shopping today.Armidi and ETD.Added a bit of Cubic effectiveness  too and some Fuel.Fuel’s ok ,sailing again!

Now,thanks Kalli for tagging me!What a pleasant surprise !Grrr%^&%$##&……. Naaa,still love you! 😀

Rules (i’m copying this from your blog,now you can sue me for content theft,i swear ) :

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

1.I pick up the nearest book -piece of cake,i don’t even have to stand up

2.I open page 123.ok

3.I find the 5th sentence.ummm…left column or right?ok ,i’ll take right

4.I post the next 3 sentences:

Canker:disease that destroys the wood of trees …(huh?)

Canna:plant with large dark leaves and bright yellow red or orange flowers bla bla bla

Cannabis:Indian hemp, a drug also known as hashish and marijuana,smoked or chewed ….ermmm,now i’m getting multiple sues so i better right that clear:

The book near me is Oxford Advanced Dictionary of current English A.S.Hornby

Humiliated (page 417) :cause to feel ashamed bla bla bla…

5.I tag five people :

1.Milla, i always tag you it’s a tradition !

2.Scarlett ,i always tag you too,it’s a tradition too!

3.Caliah,i tag you cause maybe you’ll read us some of the great stuff you did on  the new GLAM issue

4.Cleo, i tag u cause maybe you have a book with secrets about this amazing curly hair of yours

5.Shir,i tag you cause i’m sure the book nearest to you will be a nice surprise!

*Credits for Cheer up your old mariniere- version 2

Armidi  & Elephant Outfitters – Angel II  hair in true black ,Ribbon tank navy (ribbon not worn here),Journey tweed slacks navy,Dhali bow platforms gold

ETD – Chic Aviators gold frame and Golden everyday tote (worn on shoulder )

Fuel – Key keeper necklace

Cubic Effect  – Military jacket blue for women

Poses by Torridwear included in the bag’s ao


Chrisy 😀

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How to lose a guy in 10 seconds


I hate Valentine’s Day…i mean hate it with passion…fiou…confessed…i’m not worried though,this is so common i almost feel i’m going mainstream here.Please someone wake me up when this is all oooover!

So this is my huge Anti-valentine post,no hearts,no love at all, just a guide on how to lose a guy in 10 seconds…Before i begin…

PLEASE read this 2 important notes:

1)Dear designers, i love all the items shown in this post and this is why i purchased them anyway (there are 2 freebies included,i love these too).Please don’t sue me…

2)Dear SL Fashion Police, i’m somewhere out there looking like this,i swear -DO COME AND GET ME!

Continue reading

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What am i doing?Nice question!I have my eyes stuck on my newly born Saintpaulia Rutilus waiting  for it to grow up in its pot…I just watered the plant and ops!it’s beginning…How fascinating can it be to have your own plant to take care in SL?You can have a taste on a youtube video here …. Continue reading

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Name the blog still on

Just a quick reminder about “name the blog” help… Continue reading

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Can you think of a new name?


Hi!First,this is a pic of the Bianca F. redtweed suit i was talking about yesterday (see my previous post ).

Now, today there is something i wanna share that’s been on my mind for many days…So,if you are a reader of this blog,please read below the cut,i’d really appreciate your help…if you are not reading this blog regularly,please do not read below ,it won’t be interesting for you,trust me… Continue reading

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Why you judge when you don’t know?

It’s raining bad comments for Second Life and its residents….and i’m writing this being not only sad but also dissapointed.The title of the link on sweetsecondlife that caught my eye yesterday while browsing was  “Lancia to Launch car in Second Life,before First Life”. Working for a Commercial Park in Second Life where many real life companies promote their products , i got interested on reading the article.Bad decision…. Continue reading

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