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A game of words


Strawberry Holiday is one of my flickr contacts and as i recently discovered ,a very creative and talented person.I had the pleasure of meeting her today in her Prodigiosus II,when she and her friend caught me taking some snapshots there .They were both so kind and let me play .The place is still under construction but everyone can visit and play.Because that is what is all about.Strawberry is creating places for us to have fun.I wouldn’t call this otherwise than pure generosity.I know i had fun and i’m going back!Of course ,except the fun,don’t forget that Prodigiosus is an art work.But you’d better take the feel for yourselves,and i’m sure you will agree.Thank you so much,Strawberry!

Visit Prodigiosus here.

I also uploaded some edited photos of prodigiosus on my flickr page .

All  credits for the shots:

❤ Cupcakes – Nora dress (worn with sculpty skirt)
Bianca F. – Crop leather jacket from paris hot night outfit
PBI – The bucket hair in black worn with hat turned to red
Dry – Black & white bracelets
ETD – Hampton wedges in red
[Crap] – Popppins umbrella (group gift)
CS – Vogue skin champagne smoky red

Poses [LAP], skyfly anim (freebie),LH lovely witch ver.2


Chrisy 😀


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Harlem 2

The hat….she saw it….she wanted it…and he bought it for her.Because he loved her. 

Harlem 1

 But she was using him.And then she just said :”I’m leaving now…”.He got down on his knees,begging her to stay…

A bit of lovers’ drama…. in virtual Harlem

*Credits for her outfit :

Elegance hats – Isabella

Casa Del Shai – Black Flamingo dress

Armidi – Barcelona gold slingbacks

Bonita jewelry– Black double wrap bead bracelet low shine

Bianca F. – Natural skin lips A

ETD– Aiyanna ebony hair

Poses  by Animah, LAP and RE Photohud


Chrisy 😀

P.S.UPDATE NOTE: Since i’m not doing a separate post for this,i’d just want to note here,thank you to all of you who helped me finding a new name for this blog,but the truth is after a month of trying i temporarily  (and who knows for how long) quit the idea of changing the name.I didn’t find anything that would make me wow,omg,woot woot etc.

But i did promise a gift and it did go to Kallisto Destiny for posting the largest list of suggested names in the comments of the Name that blog post.Thanks everybody!Happy shopping Kalli!

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The bats


Andromega Volare is a good friend and a talented photographer.For me he’s an artist.He and me were playing the bats yesterday in Crimson Shadow.This was our first common shooting,a challenge to see how differently can 2 people view the same theme.

So, on Andromega’s flickr (press here) you can see his view of the bats and on my flickr mine.

What really matters for us both is that we had so much fun doing this together.And i hope we’ll do it again…Thanks Andromega.

Now,yesterday i was talking about 2 dresses from Ivalde and this is exactly why the below pics are here for.

This is Ivalde Bianca black bustlegown and that’s what it does when you get upside down.Funny i’m showing you a dress upside down.But then ,yes i’m weird.And then again,some dresses are too theatrical to “just wear”.Thank you Nef  for making this amazing gown.

My masque is Avid Raven .

Place is Crimson Shadow Rezzable.


Chrisy 😀

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