Shop Till U Drop!!!

But do it in style…

A rather ethnic style


Today thanks to Kalli i managed to get to Truth and buy some new amazing styles (2 free also) and to also get the new free Arcane skins.I loved the caramel tone so much ,i made a rather ethnic look for it.

*All credits :

Arcane – Limited edition opening skin free Liquid Skin caramel
Truth – Paris hair in black
E.M.A. – Jacket black (with top )
Cubic Effect – Sarrouel pants black
G.L.A.M. – Cascade disk earrings
Lassitude & Ennui – Signature sandals black and silver (free in store)
Skin Within – Sacha manicure and pedicure
Bonita Jewelry – Gray & Pearls bracelet 5 – #11
Pose by LAP


Chrisy ūüėÄ


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Just another look…


..And just another¬†look¬† for a new Canimal skin…


Canimal– Essence Grace of Ambrosia skin

Persona – Shirt from Helena dress ( undershirt layer,prim cuffs and collar worn here)

Leezu Baxter – Bellybelt pants in black satin (new , available in many colors and different fabrics)

Tesla – Natasha heels in black

Yabusaka – Earrings from 04 set with script changing design

CS – Whitney hair in ebony

Barerose – Diana pink bag


Chrisy ūüėÄ

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Just a classic look


Just a classic look.


Irelyn РLucille black dress  (you can find it in a vendor in RFL Clothing Fair)

Adam & Eve РVolar black heels (you can find them in a vendor in RFL Clothing Fair)

Elegance hats – Beth feather hat in black

Lycee – Editors bag in white (with golden locker)

ETD – Flapper hair in ebony

Muse – Eclectic watch lakspur


Chrisy ūüôā

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I see gray people…

I see gray people

This is¬† reporter Chrisy J live from the RFL Clothing Fair…

-Hot news!Latest fashion trend comes directly from the Official Second life blog .”I see gray people…and they walk around like they don’t know they are gray…”.<(read all about it).

Well ,apparently they don’t know they look gray for everybody else.Take the pic above for example.I just teleported to the Clothing Fair.Everybody around me is gray.I see myself rezzed (but still dressed all gray,ok,that was a happy coincidence-wooohooo,am i trendy!).Each of these girls around me see everybody else gray ( including me too ,but you can’t see it on this pic,cause you look through my eyes right now).I look ok to myself but i don’t know that everyone else is seeing me gray AND all the others….An imaginary conversation about this right there, would end like “Nooooo,YOU look gray!And YOU!aND YOU!”,”No,it’s you,you you!i see me ok!”,”stop that u too!you are all gray here except me of course!”.

Conclusion:wear any color you want.You get automatically in the latest gray trend.And that is official!

*In case someone says to you (which is very possible to happen) :”Ummm,sorry but you are grey….” and you want to be ready to answer “But i am in gray!”,follow the steps below:

1.wear bijou shake pantsuit in black (black grey-prim cuffs are not worn here)

2.wear cubic effect Full sculpted knit jacket (dark grey)

additional non- grey credits for the reporter:

bianca f. – oxxo boots b&w

 ETDРwilllow ii hair in ebony

Creamshop – cock?swan? necklace (you don’t see it but it’s there behind my hands¬†i swear -and it’s just lovely)

CS -Vogue skin champagne canimal glow pink

*Important note : Visit Relay for Life Clothing Fair.Many of¬†your favorite stores are there.Put your little stone please…Direct slurl to Relay For Life Clothing Fair

Love and health for all,

Chrisy ūüėÄ

Update: (Thanks to Skinkie and Julia for bringing this up!) The above outfit is NOT recommended for the Clothing Fair,as for any crowdy place (especially for the Fair,where we all have to help each other to be able to shop for just a good cause!).To visit the fair and help everybody do their share,low your prims as much as possible (dettach aos,heavy prim clothing,shoes,etc.).:D

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Little miss sunshine


Three days more…three days more…three days more!!!!

(For spring to officially be here….) mwaaa spring!

(Chrisy takes her 3d dolly in daisy fields and feels like a baby again….)


Tree of sl – Umbrella dress liquid sunshine and flower heels tropics hemp

Magika – Sunshine hair in black

Yip’s – Headpiece from free Anouska outfit

Poses by Juicy

*Important note : The same time that you and me are waiting for the spring to bring us joy,some people are waiting for their own sunshine,with the hope to survive from serious diseases.Relay for life Clothing Fair is open and it is so touching what people do to get there and help.In my country we say “put a little stone to this…”.Like do your share,and we can do something good together….If we all help,we can make something big.

Direct slurl to Relay For Life Clothing Fair

Love and health for all,

Chrisy ūüėÄ

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Wondering in japanese sims

Today i was wondering in¬† japanese sims.I did some japanese drum playing (that was really something)……japanese drum playing

Then some nice relaxing fishing…..

Then a bit of dreaming….

Finally some modelling in case my outfit don’t show (i lie, i did it just for modelling a bit after wondering around without ao,walking ducky for so long)

Aaahh,it was really nice…

Credits for the outfit:

Silverscreen – Die hard vest (freebie) -undershirt layer
Blaze– Boyfriend’s shirt (only shirt layer worn)
Kurotsubaki – Cardigan Purple (jacket layer)
Elephant outfitters Armidi – Joan jean shorts dark rustic
Maitreya –¬†Sculpted socks deep purple and verve pumps plum
Magika – #@%! hair in black and “Not for sale” necklace

CS – Vogue skin champagne canimal glow blue
Poses by RE

Places are Sakura Sushi Bar  and Hasumaru Designs


Chrisy ūüėÄ

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BMC Contest


If you like contests,this one is reallyyyyy huge!60,000 l,first price?30,000 second?10,000 third?Check the information below for more details

 $$$$$$$$~~Welcome to the Big Money Model Contest~~$$$$$$$$
This Land is dedicated to the indication of the sexiest avatar of Second Life. In order to achieve this goal ,we have made a Contest System very different from all the others.

Let’s check out the differences and the Contest Mechanics Function.

A)There is no Voting Hud
B)YOU select the position your photo will be appear on the Contest Wall.
C)Having trouble find your friend?Not in this Contest! Click the object indicated in the PANEL BOT Table,¬† type¬† your friend’s name in the chat dialog, a follow your panel bot friend to the panel!! It will show you EXACTLY where your friend’s picture is.
                                                Participating Establishment             

To Enter the Contest , “Pay” the Panel you wish your photo to appear.
At this point there are 2 Options:
When you “Pay” 300 L$ , you will get 1 point for every vote you get!
When you “Pay” 500 L$ , you will get¬† 2 points for every vote you get!
Then you select “Load” in the drop down menu, and while holding Ctrl button, drag n drop your picture in the panel,afterwards the photo will auto-appear on the panel you already selected¬† before”.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†
                    The Avatar with the most points will Win 60000L$ in Cash! 
                                                         1st Place :60000 L$
                                                         2nd Place 30000 L$
                                                         3rd Place 10000 L$  

    Contest starts  at 03:00 PM  PDT ,03/15/08 running approximately   1 month.
¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ŰÄÄÜ
    ***Note:  B.M.C reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the contest.   

Big Money Contest Place,Aloha              

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Timeless & priceless


Yesterday i received this incredible costume for a review.My costumes collection suddenly got much richer with this one¬†item.It’s so high quality i can talk about it for hours(no,don’t be afraid,i won’t).I “forced” Andromega to wear the male version (ok,i didn’t exactly force him,hhaha-we were just having fun again).This time journey was for 2.

What i would really like to say about this costume is :Do you remember these rl magazines articles,that show you an expensive bag (or belt,shoes,dress of a designer) in¬†a close shot¬†with the title:”Why you pay so much for this” and then explain why?.That’s what happens to me with House of Rfyre costumes.I look at the details,the quality,the setting of the outfit with my mouth open.And then i think “That’s why you pay so much for this”.If i hadn’t received this costume for a review,i would certainly buy it myself.And it costs 700 L.That’s all i had to say,i think it was clear.Some things are just worth every linden.Some items are just priceless¬†&… timeless.That is only my opinion of course,i think i have the right to express it.


I just added the Lapin&Anato horn pig hat and Andromega wore his baron hair .

Costumes are Timeless for women in wine & rose (also available in black ) and Timeless for men (black) from House of Rfyre.


Chrisy ūüėÄ

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It’s raining in Sparta today…Medusa is out wondering in the streets….And people are hiding behind their walls terrified… (this is supposed to sound very frightening-lol-brrr)

Place :This is Sparta Recreation in Silverscreen

Credits :

Casa Del Shai : Medusa dress

Magika : Sunshine hair in black (with little leather bands )-new

Dela : Dolger sandal black gems

FTV : Double silver bracelet (gift from EFA goodie bag)

Skin Within : Sacha manicure and pedicure (group gift)

CS: Vogue champagne skin classic glitter gold one

Poses by [LAP]


Chrisy ūüėÄ

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Orange is for optimism!Do it like …zis!

casual orangepage

Hi!Today i’m wondering around shopping like zis.I made a very¬†easy spring sporty look,based on orange for gaining some lost optimism back!Then i headed¬†to Cherry Buttons for some window shopping but i couldn’t resist.I¬†got into Lotta and bought the most happy couch.I bought it for 250 Linden,i teleported home,unpacked it and found out the¬† coffee table is included too.Such a nice bargain!I totally recommend it for preparing your house for¬†the coming season.Also as a great and affordable gift for your friends (transfer).You can choose among a lot of other fabrics too( i went for the most intense colors…)

relax at home

I think my lost optimism is back!When you feel a bit down,try the orange trick-trust me.Get yourselves into orange clothes…and use a colored environment.I’m still on the couch (on the beach-hhaha) sitting like zis.And it feels goood!!!!

All credits :

Lotta at Cherry Buttons– relaxin’couch and glass coffee table

Elephant outfitters at armidi РNautical stripe hoodie orange (unisex-mens section) + Jodyn shorts in white

ETD – Demi trainers persimmon

Indyra originals – Brownsuede bag

Magika – Knot hair in black

Cake – La femme tortouise shell glasses (tartarouga)

CS – Vogue skin champagne light muted brown

Poses of Lotta couch


Chrisy ūüėÄ

****An update for fellow bloggers: I just added the button i made against content theft on the sidebar.If you like it,below there is a box where you can download it too,and put it in your blogs.

****An update for everyone :I gave designer Bianca Foulon my button in texture and she was kind enough to make a¬†cute¬†in-world pin of it.So,if anyone wants to have this pin and wear it in-world,just IM me,and i’d be glad to¬†pass it to you.:D

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