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B&w and yellow and purple…


Two days ago i bought an amazing new outfit from FTV .Today (after wearing it a lot with its own pants which are great) i stayed with the b&w top for a yellow-purple combination.So ,it’s b&w and yellow and purple,but still a “quiet” result i think…

*Credits :

FTV– Top from CoutureDeLaMo outfit
G.L.A.M. – Pants from glamour chic jumper in yellow
Miam Miam – Amethyste jewel bangle and amehtyst jewel earrings (sold separately), Eydie handbag in canary
Maitreya – Verve pumps in plum
+plus – Adorable sunglasses in purple
ETD – Flapper hair in ebony
Canimal – Grace skin essence of Frost
Poses by RE


Chrisy 😀


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Please bring spring!


I call this look “Please Bring Spring” in another desperate effort to do some magic…I mean….it’s almost snowing here…24 of march…Please,God?


DeLa – Tank Top Jessie Orange with Nemoblue stole (included)
MG Fashion – Puffed mini skirt teal
Lycee feelings – Ruruko daily bag white
Tesla – Diva2 shoes in Aqua
Armidi – The poynter hair in midnight 2
Bianca F. – Sahara fata clean skin
+Plus – Adorable sunglasses in turqoise (group gift)
Poses by AnaLu and Animah


Chrisy 😀

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Sometimes a “strong” accessory is enough


The clothes for this look work as just  a base for bigger and smaller accessories.The “strong” accessory was the big impressive bag,and the rest of the look stayed “quiet”.

*All credits:

DP yum yum– QT Sweater and socks
Leezu Baxter – Sam jeans
TOSL – Equus 1 red tartan bag
Kurotsubaki – Choco cake rings and earrings
Maitreya – Sassy velvet black  wedges
ETD-Chic Aviator s Gold frames
Canimal – Grace skin essence of frost
Truth – Deanne black hair (free- the band is turned red here)
Poses by LAP


Chrisy 🙂

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Wondering in japanese sims

Today i was wondering in  japanese sims.I did some japanese drum playing (that was really something)……japanese drum playing

Then some nice relaxing fishing…..

Then a bit of dreaming….

Finally some modelling in case my outfit don’t show (i lie, i did it just for modelling a bit after wondering around without ao,walking ducky for so long)

Aaahh,it was really nice…

Credits for the outfit:

Silverscreen – Die hard vest (freebie) -undershirt layer
Blaze– Boyfriend’s shirt (only shirt layer worn)
Kurotsubaki – Cardigan Purple (jacket layer)
Elephant outfitters Armidi – Joan jean shorts dark rustic
Maitreya – Sculpted socks deep purple and verve pumps plum
Magika – #@%! hair in black and “Not for sale” necklace

CS – Vogue skin champagne canimal glow blue
Poses by RE

Places are Sakura Sushi Bar  and Hasumaru Designs


Chrisy 😀

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Orange is for optimism!Do it like …zis!

casual orangepage

Hi!Today i’m wondering around shopping like zis.I made a very easy spring sporty look,based on orange for gaining some lost optimism back!Then i headed to Cherry Buttons for some window shopping but i couldn’t resist.I got into Lotta and bought the most happy couch.I bought it for 250 Linden,i teleported home,unpacked it and found out the  coffee table is included too.Such a nice bargain!I totally recommend it for preparing your house for the coming season.Also as a great and affordable gift for your friends (transfer).You can choose among a lot of other fabrics too( i went for the most intense colors…)

relax at home

I think my lost optimism is back!When you feel a bit down,try the orange trick-trust me.Get yourselves into orange clothes…and use a colored environment.I’m still on the couch (on the beach-hhaha) sitting like zis.And it feels goood!!!!

All credits :

Lotta at Cherry Buttons– relaxin’couch and glass coffee table

Elephant outfitters at armidi – Nautical stripe hoodie orange (unisex-mens section) + Jodyn shorts in white

ETD – Demi trainers persimmon

Indyra originals – Brownsuede bag

Magika – Knot hair in black

Cake – La femme tortouise shell glasses (tartarouga)

CS – Vogue skin champagne light muted brown

Poses of Lotta couch


Chrisy 😀

****An update for fellow bloggers: I just added the button i made against content theft on the sidebar.If you like it,below there is a box where you can download it too,and put it in your blogs.

****An update for everyone :I gave designer Bianca Foulon my button in texture and she was kind enough to make a cute in-world pin of it.So,if anyone wants to have this pin and wear it in-world,just IM me,and i’d be glad to pass it to you.:D

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A game of words


Strawberry Holiday is one of my flickr contacts and as i recently discovered ,a very creative and talented person.I had the pleasure of meeting her today in her Prodigiosus II,when she and her friend caught me taking some snapshots there .They were both so kind and let me play .The place is still under construction but everyone can visit and play.Because that is what is all about.Strawberry is creating places for us to have fun.I wouldn’t call this otherwise than pure generosity.I know i had fun and i’m going back!Of course ,except the fun,don’t forget that Prodigiosus is an art work.But you’d better take the feel for yourselves,and i’m sure you will agree.Thank you so much,Strawberry!

Visit Prodigiosus here.

I also uploaded some edited photos of prodigiosus on my flickr page .

All  credits for the shots:

❤ Cupcakes – Nora dress (worn with sculpty skirt)
Bianca F. – Crop leather jacket from paris hot night outfit
PBI – The bucket hair in black worn with hat turned to red
Dry – Black & white bracelets
ETD – Hampton wedges in red
[Crap] – Popppins umbrella (group gift)
CS – Vogue skin champagne smoky red

Poses [LAP], skyfly anim (freebie),LH lovely witch ver.2


Chrisy 😀

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Bad girls go everywhere


Good girls go to heaven…ok..but we all know where bad girls go- everywhere! ….This particular bad girl was inspired by the red boots with killing heels,point,height and metallic parts.Another item of desire from one of my favorite shoe designers…This time, for bad girls who walk through dangerous alleys!


*All credits :

Analog Dog – Astrid black hair and mad bangs in black

Kenzie – Sequin glamour vest

Muism – White tank top  (undershirt layer and underpants layer to cover belly)-from pack of black and white tanks

LF Designs – Athena jeans indigo

Armidi Gisaci – Flexi black tie (men’s section)

Dry -Bracelet from black leather set

Cake– Cigarette II

Storm Schmooz footwear-Bot’s in red

CS– Vogue skin champagne in classic glitter silver 2

Poses by [LAP]


Chrisy 😀

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seVan in seven… airs


Hellooo!Before i talk about the dress and the shoes and the outfit in general, i would like to tell you this: if you’re going to take the trip to [seVan] (the store is up to the air-about in 600 m) to see their first attempt to enter fashion world,you will want to leave with your house redecorated!Why  haven’t i been there before?Zen furniture,paintings -well , in my opinion one of the best efforts in second life interior design.Way to go seVan team!

Now, that the owners decided to bring us a spring line of clothing as well ,is another issue.I salute this effort and i wear one of their new dresses ,Ella which is a girly empire dress in flower pattern -of which  you will see A LOT around this spring!

Did i say girly?Well ETD released the most girly hair yesterday so…Xaria in black it is.ETD love doesn’t end here since my new Hampton wedges are also from there (in carribean here) and of course the city bag in copper croc (one of the items i call pass-partout).

Additional credits:Earthstones boutique – Cedarwood bangles worn in both hands,Bianca F. – natural skin lips A and poses by [LAP]  mixed with the bag’s AO from Torridwear.

See you later!


Chrisy 😀

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Armidilicious-ETDlicious and… Mercy me, am i tagged for the 5,786,974th time?


Hi world!I just broke my personal record of largest non blogging period…..ehh,it was kinda fun you know!Like taking a small cruise.Talking about cruises,this is my “Cheer up your old mariniere-version 2” (first version was here).I did some serious top brand shopping today.Armidi and ETD.Added a bit of Cubic effectiveness  too and some Fuel.Fuel’s ok ,sailing again!

Now,thanks Kalli for tagging me!What a pleasant surprise !Grrr%^&%$##&……. Naaa,still love you! 😀

Rules (i’m copying this from your blog,now you can sue me for content theft,i swear ) :

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

1.I pick up the nearest book -piece of cake,i don’t even have to stand up

2.I open page 123.ok

3.I find the 5th sentence.ummm…left column or right?ok ,i’ll take right

4.I post the next 3 sentences:

Canker:disease that destroys the wood of trees …(huh?)

Canna:plant with large dark leaves and bright yellow red or orange flowers bla bla bla

Cannabis:Indian hemp, a drug also known as hashish and marijuana,smoked or chewed ….ermmm,now i’m getting multiple sues so i better right that clear:

The book near me is Oxford Advanced Dictionary of current English A.S.Hornby

Humiliated (page 417) :cause to feel ashamed bla bla bla…

5.I tag five people :

1.Milla, i always tag you it’s a tradition !

2.Scarlett ,i always tag you too,it’s a tradition too!

3.Caliah,i tag you cause maybe you’ll read us some of the great stuff you did on  the new GLAM issue

4.Cleo, i tag u cause maybe you have a book with secrets about this amazing curly hair of yours

5.Shir,i tag you cause i’m sure the book nearest to you will be a nice surprise!

*Credits for Cheer up your old mariniere- version 2

Armidi  & Elephant Outfitters – Angel II  hair in true black ,Ribbon tank navy (ribbon not worn here),Journey tweed slacks navy,Dhali bow platforms gold

ETD – Chic Aviators gold frame and Golden everyday tote (worn on shoulder )

Fuel – Key keeper necklace

Cubic Effect  – Military jacket blue for women

Poses by Torridwear included in the bag’s ao


Chrisy 😀

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Little pink riding hood


Pink love never dies!I went to Muism today.And pop!here’s my new spring trenchcoat…Totally pink and with a hood-sculpted cuffs,shoulders,collar…New day,new love!Dada!

I put it on immediately and after adjusting the prim parts (i ‘m a rather big avvie-stretching prims a lot-lol) i made a simple pink black outfit for it,what i’d do in rl for a spring walk (ok, i might skip the earrings in rl).Hope you like it!


Muism – Pink hooded jacket (comes with a plain collar option too)

Muism – Black tank top from pack of black and white

Armidi – Metallic tights black

Shiny Things – Brocattos black

Truth – Gillian hair in black

Copykat – Earrings and necklace from Sardonyx set

CS– Vogue champagne skin noir glitter

Poses by Reel Expression


Chrisy 😀

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