Shop Till U Drop!!!

But do it in style…

Candy Heart Periquitas


Sweet Erpla ,the creator of Periquitas (my  in-world “camperitas” ,as i like to tease her about from back then… ),offered me her new adorable and absolutely girly Candy Heart round wedges.I made a simple outfit for one color of them but you can find all 6 colors in Periquita at Lame.

With the green ones, i wear Grandma Muscat dress and Cake Lady bug glasses in green.Skin is Bianca F. sahara natural lips A,hair is Truth Polly in black and pose is Animah.

I want to wish Happy Easter to all the people around the world that celebrate it this Sunday (our Easter is exactly 5 weeks from now).

Love and my best wishes,

Chrisy 😀


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It’s raining in Sparta today…Medusa is out wondering in the streets….And people are hiding behind their walls terrified… (this is supposed to sound very frightening-lol-brrr)

Place :This is Sparta Recreation in Silverscreen

Credits :

Casa Del Shai : Medusa dress

Magika : Sunshine hair in black (with little leather bands )-new

Dela : Dolger sandal black gems

FTV : Double silver bracelet (gift from EFA goodie bag)

Skin Within : Sacha manicure and pedicure (group gift)

CS: Vogue champagne skin classic glitter gold one

Poses by [LAP]


Chrisy 😀

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Bridget’s blues


There aren’t many original tortures left as this one.You’re 30 something,single  and you have to attend a wedding again.Everyone in rl is getting married like crazy and now they do it in sl too.Don’t be afraid Bridget Jones!You’ll survive this one too.Wear blue and go!

Bridget’s thought Pic left : “Do you see a wedding ring on my finger?So,gimme a break!”

Bridget’s thought Pic right up :” Rather than getting these “why are you alone here?you should get yourself a nice guy…bla bla…i offered to play the organ so noone could get close  to me…”

Bridget’s thought Pic right down :”Dio mio,omg….Is it over?i ‘ll go have some beers to recover…”

Place-Serendipity Dreams Wedding Island


Popfeel – neatness slim dress blue with bow

ETD – Charley hair with hat (hat turned to blue-ribbon too)

Tesla – Sherry shoes in aquamarine

Skin within – Bebe pedicure

Bianca F. – sahara natural skin lips A

Poses by [LAP]


Chrisy 😀

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seVan in seven… airs


Hellooo!Before i talk about the dress and the shoes and the outfit in general, i would like to tell you this: if you’re going to take the trip to [seVan] (the store is up to the air-about in 600 m) to see their first attempt to enter fashion world,you will want to leave with your house redecorated!Why  haven’t i been there before?Zen furniture,paintings -well , in my opinion one of the best efforts in second life interior design.Way to go seVan team!

Now, that the owners decided to bring us a spring line of clothing as well ,is another issue.I salute this effort and i wear one of their new dresses ,Ella which is a girly empire dress in flower pattern -of which  you will see A LOT around this spring!

Did i say girly?Well ETD released the most girly hair yesterday so…Xaria in black it is.ETD love doesn’t end here since my new Hampton wedges are also from there (in carribean here) and of course the city bag in copper croc (one of the items i call pass-partout).

Additional credits:Earthstones boutique – Cedarwood bangles worn in both hands,Bianca F. – natural skin lips A and poses by [LAP]  mixed with the bag’s AO from Torridwear.

See you later!


Chrisy 😀

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Armidilicious-ETDlicious and… Mercy me, am i tagged for the 5,786,974th time?


Hi world!I just broke my personal record of largest non blogging period…..ehh,it was kinda fun you know!Like taking a small cruise.Talking about cruises,this is my “Cheer up your old mariniere-version 2” (first version was here).I did some serious top brand shopping today.Armidi and ETD.Added a bit of Cubic effectiveness  too and some Fuel.Fuel’s ok ,sailing again!

Now,thanks Kalli for tagging me!What a pleasant surprise !Grrr%^&%$##&……. Naaa,still love you! 😀

Rules (i’m copying this from your blog,now you can sue me for content theft,i swear ) :

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

1.I pick up the nearest book -piece of cake,i don’t even have to stand up

2.I open page 123.ok

3.I find the 5th sentence.ummm…left column or right?ok ,i’ll take right

4.I post the next 3 sentences:

Canker:disease that destroys the wood of trees …(huh?)

Canna:plant with large dark leaves and bright yellow red or orange flowers bla bla bla

Cannabis:Indian hemp, a drug also known as hashish and marijuana,smoked or chewed ….ermmm,now i’m getting multiple sues so i better right that clear:

The book near me is Oxford Advanced Dictionary of current English A.S.Hornby

Humiliated (page 417) :cause to feel ashamed bla bla bla…

5.I tag five people :

1.Milla, i always tag you it’s a tradition !

2.Scarlett ,i always tag you too,it’s a tradition too!

3.Caliah,i tag you cause maybe you’ll read us some of the great stuff you did on  the new GLAM issue

4.Cleo, i tag u cause maybe you have a book with secrets about this amazing curly hair of yours

5.Shir,i tag you cause i’m sure the book nearest to you will be a nice surprise!

*Credits for Cheer up your old mariniere- version 2

Armidi  & Elephant Outfitters – Angel II  hair in true black ,Ribbon tank navy (ribbon not worn here),Journey tweed slacks navy,Dhali bow platforms gold

ETD – Chic Aviators gold frame and Golden everyday tote (worn on shoulder )

Fuel – Key keeper necklace

Cubic Effect  – Military jacket blue for women

Poses by Torridwear included in the bag’s ao


Chrisy 😀

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Rich girl in Bellagio

Time goes by so quickly…it’s already been more than 2 months since i last saw the rich girl.Well, today i called her…it would be a pity not to share this place with her.This is where she belongs after all…

So, here ya go,rich girl strikes back and poses outside Bellagio hotel,which is the kingdom of  luxury !



Noooo,i didn’t give her the chance to talk this time.She talks too much!I just asked her to put on her 2 new marvellous dresses and match them with some appropriate accesories…hehe

*Credits :

Artilleri – zesty zebra dress 

ICING – miss Hathaway dress

Tesla – Natasha heels in black and shiny Natasha heels in red

ND – Impulse Black shine hair

ETD – Wynn hair in ebony

Bianca F. – neckless collartriplet (preview item,to be released soon)

Red sequined Clutch bag – gift from my friend Kalli (/me embarassed-don’t know from where it is)

Muse – Dauphine earrings long silver/jet

Place – Bellagio   (Many thanks to Thera Taurog for the Bellagio book and landmark )


Chrisy 😀

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When my 10 L hat found its gorgeous dress…


I missed Nef and her clothes.I haven’t visited the store for many days.Lost a lot of new releases.I was just distracted,can’t explain it other way.Ivalde is and will always be one of my favorite stores in SL.So, i got back.And found 2 amazing dresses.When i put on the first of them,i remembered that a looong time ago,i had taken the 10 L hat from Elegance hats in Ivalde village and felt so happy.It was patiently waiting in this heavy loaded inventory for the right outfit to come…finally,here it is.My 10 L hat found its gorgeous dress…..


Ivalde – Dagmar cyan dress

Elegance hats – Victoria 10 L hat ( i hope it’s still in store)

Storm Schmooz -Desir de noir shoes

Canimal – Essence Charm of simplicity skin (i received for review and which is so lovely with clear lines i’m impressed)

Magika – Papercut hair in black

poses by LAP


Chrisy 😀

P.s. Did i say 2 amazing dresses?right!the second one will  be on my flickr,or maybe here as well,cause it was a true inspiration for a theme that offered me maybe one of my most fun shootings in sl..and with great company…(more to come…)

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In Da Bag

In da bag

Oh my dear gloss!Don’t ever let me go out without  you on my lips.Amen.

What i’m doing in the bag?Nice question.I went to Greenies again,this time to take a snapshot with green people on my green dress,but i discovered the following:

1)A subscrib-o-matic in entrance which will be informing us from new things happening at Greenies house,even Greenies fashion!

2)THE bag!It’s on a big chair in living room (alright there’s a message that gives you a hint as you enter the place)

HA!Now the bag has a lovely surprise for every girl,but i won’t tell you what,cause otherwise it woudn’t be a surprise any more!You have to play!Visit the place!Be a kid!

*Green girl:

FTV-Cha cha dress in green (new and available in many colors)

Maitreya-Slinky stilettos in fuchsia (to match with the gloss)

Cake -Europa hair in black (the everlasting love)

CS – Vogue champagne glitter noir skin

Poses by LAP

Place :Greenies house,a chair in the living room


Chrisy 😀

UPDATE  -I just found out Iman from German SL style was in da baaag yesterday,and her pics (i wish i could speak german to read too) are much more funnier than mine – you can check them here! (Link to the post)

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Vooom vooom….

The question is:What would a girl be without her bike?

This is my new extraordinary bike!You can ride it and run like the wind…I just made a stop here 1)to share my new outfits with you,2)ok,i got a little dizzy too… 


So let’s start from the fact:today i shopped a lot!First i went to the Cubic Effect after everyone on this grid have done so…yeah i’m good at being last on some things-lol-and after purchasing almost everything from there (incredible things,i’m gonna show a couple of them in next posts ),i bought THE bike.

Mybike takesmeeverywherepage2

mynewextraordinary shoozies

Then Bianca F. sent a new release update to the group,so i was naturally there (bought almost everything there too-woohoo!) .Then Tesla released the new shoozies and i had to have them too.Oh my!I’m such a shopaholic!But you know i loooove all the tons of stuff i bought today!!!!!!! (Does this make my situation any better?at least i’m happy 😀 doc?)

*Credits for first outfit:

Bianca F. – Top from Jagger outfit in white and Margarita blossom boots

Baiastice – Jean shorts from Lara outfit with belt

Bonita Jewelry – Antique pearl necklace (free gift )

Cake – Juicy glasses in burgundy

Truth -Izzy hair in black (freebie- thanks to Creamy of SLFreeStyle)

*Credits for second outfit:

Bianca F.-Jagger outfit in black (includes flower hat)

Tesla – Estella shoes in yellow

Magika -Fly hair in black

My bike is Mirai WTW 200k ! from Cubic Effect

Poses by [LAP]


Chrisy 😀

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Spring Thing

Forgive me but i can’t keep up with winter releases any more.Yeah,it’s still winter here too,actually most of the regions these days are covered with snow.But after reading a dozen of rl magazines this weekend…no more winter for me!Spring fashion is out there !Neo-70’s,colorful,flowery,bright metallic,neo tribal,cone heels,banana heels ….oh my god!Winter just died here!


That’s how i’ve been wandering around  SL today.Yes,some people were staring at me earlier like “what are you doing you crazy thing?it’s still wintertime!”.Well i don’t care,i’m in this spring thing and i’m  about to make my wish list for spring fashion in sl and maybe i’ll need your help on this.

I’m still trying to find a descent poll for users though and ….shhh don’t tell anyone you can freely comment on this blog- didn’t u know?

I apologise in public for being completely stupid in managing this blog’s options (now you know).

And i also have a quote :What would someone be without friends?    –My many thanks to my saviour.

*Credits in case you wanna spring yourselves:

Ume Mode -Purple and green tunic

Dutch Touch-Jean shorts

Yummy – found hearts bracelet scripted (leather changed to purple)

Maitreya -Chi chi pumps in purple

Cake – Ladybug glasses green

ETD – Davina 2 hair in ebony (discounted)  in ETD at Hairspray

CS-Vogue champagne skin canimal glow blue

Pose Give it to me …or give spring to me ,by [LAP]


Chrisy 😀

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